Ever wondered what does the concert of your idol have in common with autoscaling? Learn how dockerised infrastructure in the Cloud allowed an online ticket-selling platform meet the demands of music fans.

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Home Credit Vietnam

Learn about a full digital transformation at Home Credit Vietnam that was led on-site and remotely by a group of managers from Central Europe and how they overcame technological and cultural barriers. 


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EDUA Group

Learn how the biggest educational alliance in the Czech Republic underwent a complete digital transformation to unify their IT systems, increase security and innovate their teaching methods


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A full Lift and Shift Google Cloud Platform migration at the Czech branch of Delivery Hero in order to stabilise the infrastructure of a food delivery app, as well as accelerate deployment thanks to CI/CD pipeline optimisation. 

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Digital revolution and online collaboration is no longer a domain only of fast-growing startups and big enterprises. Learn how a chain of grocery stores in Croatia leveraged the benefits of digital transformation while maintaining their local spirit.

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G Suite implementation at Raiffeisen Bank. The company underwent major digital transformation to improve the way teams collaborate and communicate and in result provide better care for their clients. 

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Google Cloud Platform migration of a worldwide operating financial app to improve it's stability, scalability and making IT infrastructure more independent while maintaining the highest security standards. 


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G Suite implementation at the number-one bank in the Czech Republic in order to rejuvenate the infrastructure, improve processes and collaboration. 

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G Suite implementation at one of the largest and best known online and offline advertising publishers in the Czech Republic changed the philosophy of their business completely and made communication between decentralised branches of the company more effective.


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Learn how the DevOps team of a startup, operating groundbreaking search engine for flight tickets, prepared themselves for migration to Google Kubernetes Engine.


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Read how a Czech technology and finance expertise outsourcing company serving Forex brokers and their clients around the world built a stable and scalable infrastructure avoiding vendor lock-in by using open source, cloud technologies. 


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