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Free Signature Manager
for Gmail™

Unify and manage company Gmail™ signatures.

Manage company Gmail™signatures in Google Workspace™

Use the Signature Manager for Gmail™ app to allow you quickly and easily create a central company email signature in Gmail™ for all users.

How to set up unified user signatures in Gmail™?

Choose ready-to-use template or your own HTML

Firstly you will start with picking from two options:

  1. You can pick our ready to use and highly customizable drag and drop template
  2. you can choose to use your own html template or our ready to use one.
signature manager preview screen 1

1. Customizable template

Our template lets you completely customize what information you want to share in your company signatures. As you will be maintaining gmail signatures for all users under the domain, pick the information you want to include into the email signature.

You can choose from following:

  • Logo
  • Full name
  • Position
  • Company name and address
  • Personal photo
  • Phone number
  • Company website
  • Social sites links
  • Company headquarters address
You don't need any graphic or coding experience

Regarding the style of the signatures, you can set everything so it fits your branding. Specifically following:

  • Font type
  • Primary and secondary color
signature manager preview screen 2
signature manager preview screen 3
signature manager preview screen 6

2. Your own HTML

As you may have your own Gmail™ signature ready to use we dont want to you get rid of it. So with the Signature Manager for Gmail™ you can easily upload your own HTML code, map it with all the variables and you will easily push your nice with proper information signature acroos your company.

signature manager preview screen 10
signature manager preview screen 11

Is it safe and how much it costs?

The Signature Manager for Gmail™ app was created by Revolgy. Revolgy has been a Google ISMS certified partner for over 20 years. The app will meet all Google policies for all Google Workspace™ add-on apps and will be available through the official Google Marketplace. In the meantime, you can view the:

The app is free in its entirety. You will not pay for it now or in the future.