Cloud for public institutions

    Get easy access to cloud technology
    with OCRE framework!

    Open Clouds for Research Environments

    Do you want to know what public Cloud is all about and how you can benefit from OCRE framework? Let us show you.

    The benefits you can get through OCRE framework:

     Easy and streamlined procurement process
    • Eliminate any legal obstacle for moving and starting to use the Cloud solutions.
    • OCRE project comes with ready-made agreements that can be tailored to each institution’s needs.
    • Dedicated Google representative to each institution for guiding you through all the processes and helping you to get started.

    Project collaboration and step-by-step process together with us

    • Revolgy is the Premier partner and official representative of Google Cloud Platform in your region.
    • Revolgy will help you with adopting, setting up and maintaining your cloud environment.
    • You’ll have your own dedicated account manager to help you guide you through the journey to the Google Cloud Platform with ease.
    • 24/7 customer support guaranteed.

    Free trials and initiatives to get started

    • Up to $5000 in seed credits for researchers.
    • PhD candidates are eligible for $1000 in seed credits.
    • Academic faculty qualify for $300 via automated verification flow.

    Special pricing and funding

    • Waived Ingress or Egress charges up to 15%.
    • 10% discount provided by Google from the original price list.
    • Volume discounts and special hourly rates pre-approved by Revolgy.

    Why revolgy

    We're Premier Partner of Google Cloud in the EMEA region, and also trusted by GÉANT by winning the Public Tender of being your local representative and supplier for all the Google Cloud services.

    Revolgy will guarantee you the help with the administration as well as to choose and set the right technical solution for any of your scientific research projects that you would like to test and run on the Google Cloud Platform.

    Revolgy will also guide you through the cloud adoption personally in detail and support you throughout the time of all your projects.

    Revolgy google cloud partner
    Revolgy - Google cloud specialization - Infrastructure
    Revolgy - Google Cloud - specialization - Work Transformation

    Case Studies

    Revolgy - Google case study

    Broad Institute


    Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Life Sciences


    • Increased computing speed analyzes human genomes 400% faster
    • Protects genomic data by controlling privacy, daily use, data access, sharing, and permissions
    • Solution scales to meet spikes in demand for data processing and storage
    Read full Case Study
    image 23

    Geneva Business School 


    Google Workspace and Google Classroom


    • Provides a single, online hub for students and teachers, encouraging quick, effective communication and collaboration
    • Allows teachers more time to interact with students by automating simple tasks with Google Classroom
    • Reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks such as uploading content with a simple, easy to use interface
    Read full Case Study

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