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    Your AWS cloud platform as you know it, with flexible invoicing and access to extra technical support and cloud experts with extensive know-how ready to assist you with your project.

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    Amazon Web Services

    Thanks to our expertise, best practices, and relationship with Amazonians, as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we can help you gain the most out of AWS Cloud platform and AWS programs available.

    Already on AWS?

    Some benefits provided by AWS Advanced Partners are fully covered by AWS! Get access to free technical support, consultations with solution architects, flexible billing, cost optimization programs, and many incentives that are available only via Partners.

    Thinking about migration?

    Start right with AWS and benefit Revolgy knowledge and experience. We know all the programs and incentives available for your projects, and we know how to ask for them!

    “Access cloud the way you're used to, but with extra benefits from a partner."

    Bohuslav Dohnal - Revolgy founder


    Already on AWS?

    Let's uncover what is working with AWS partner like and where is a catch? There is no catch! We rely on 100% transparency between customer and vendor, no hidden costs, no hidden side projects - just full alignment to provide superb service to customer! 

    How it works?

    We are closely cooperating with your AWS Account Manager responsible for your account, we are tracking your progress, discussing how we can further support you in your activities and what programs you might be eligible for so you can save some cash or get some additional credits.

    There are no hidden costs.

    How comes? The benefits stated above are being fully covered by the cloud vendor. They are sharing the part of their margin with us so they are sure the partner provides all the necessary support to their customers, they most probably won't be able to deliver by themselves. (Unless you are NASDAQ :))

    How to start?

    How to start the cooperation with Revolgy and how to access the benefits? You only have to transfer your account under us. Without any cost. Any commitment. See the exact procedure for transferring an AWS account.

    What will you get?


    Technical support

    Support from our certified engineers

    Ticketed access to certified Revolgy cloud specialists with deep cloud expertise and extensive experience.

    Architecture review

    Full review of your architecture from every perspective. Handed over with full review document with recommendations.

    Consultation with Solution Architects

    Up to 5 MD free consultations per year. Free Advice and Guidance Support when testing new AWS Services

    Effective cloud spending

    Access to AWS incentives

    Access to Exclusive Incentives - AWS Credits or Cash for professional services. Revolgy is eligible to deliver all incentives provided by AWS.

    Flexible billing

    Refinance your cloud spend or use the flexible currency and billing option - USD/EUR/GBP/CZK, credit card payment or bank transfer. Or be able to consolidate Billing on AWS.

    Financial optimisation practices

    As a FinOps foundation member we are able to guide you through basic and advanced cloud cost optimization methods and optimize your cloud spend.

    We work closely with your AWS account manager

    We're always connected with your AWS account manager, who we work with to get the best possible terms for your current and future business.

    Get a free consultation

    Are you in a pickle and need someone who knows what you’re facing to bounce ideas of and help you get unstuck?

    Thinking about migration?

    Start right with AWS. Make sure you get the highest incentives and best possible infrastructure setup for your project. Let us help you take full advantage of AWS.

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    AWS starter programs

    AWS provides a number of starter programs with many discounts, incentives and technology advice to get you started.

    3 steps to get you started

    1. Assess

    Full overview of you current state and plan how to migrate all resources on AWS while keeping everything running.

    2. Mobilize

    Clear migration plan with operational foundation for your migration, with the goal of fixing the capability gaps identified in the assessment phase.

    3. Migrate & Modernize

    We will help you execute the migration plan created in the Mobilize phase. As an AWS migration partner, we are able to perform migrations of any scale.

    We focus on your results

    We help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we've done with our customers.

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    What can you learn with a PoC?

    With the advent of a new technology stack, which meant evolutionary growth for JCS, there was also a need to maintain a much larger number of technologies in operation. So they decided to try the possibilities of managed services of a public cloud solution. The best way was a PoC of a Dev environment in AWS (and its migration backwards).


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    Why have a cloud partner - ebook

    Why have a cloud partner?

    Explore all pros and cons of having a cloud partner, going directly with a cloud vendor and find out all possibilities that you have.