Simplify the way you work with cloud technology

Flexible and on-demand Cloud Services, which enable you to use the right services at the right time.


Cloud Platform Services

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You can get much more out of your cloud platform

Our revolgy Cloud Platform Services give you full access to the best cloud solutions with a helpful human touch. Working with us means you get access to easy invoicing, 24/7/365 access to cloud experts, extensive know-how and incentives for your projects. Explore benefits of AWS Cloud Platform or Google Cloud Platform.

"Our goal is to fully understand your business and then build the solution around it with the ability to scale in the future."

Miroslav Vlasák - CEO


Professional Services

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Peace of mind and your infrastructure always in the best shape

Our experienced Cloud architects, engineers and project managers will take care of everything from the first design of the architecture to complex migration without outages. And if you're interested in a tailor-made analysis or workshops, we're ready to help you with that as well.


Managed Services


Focus on the core of your business while the rest just keeps working

We'll provide you with expertise and ongoing management tailored to your requirements, your unique way of working and the scaling to your actual workload. From advanced monitoring and response, to all-around operations management and ongoing cost governance.


Get a free consultation

Together we can review the state of your current solutions and find the best possible solution for the growth of your business.

Our approach

Being our customers’ close cloud companion is our top asset

We share the same goal which is to simplify your job and ensure business continuity  with the latest cloud technologies.

Change management

Everything new seems uncomfortable at first, including change for the better. We have a proven method to make this change seamless and exciting.

Start easily with a PoC

Our approach is to start small and once validated, implement the full solution. PoC is the safest and most efficient way to invest in large projects, and we know it.

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Build well-functioning infrastructure.

Download our Manager’s Guide
to well-functioning cloud infrastructure.


Cloud do you do?

When you build a brand new business everything seems more important than IT infrastructure. We are going to show you the opposite is the truth. Cloud Do You Do is a podcast full of interviews about cloud related topics with special guests from the world of startups and corporates.


Your success is our mission

We help our clients make informed decisions and adopt best practices to get the most out of cloud technology. Listen to our customers, let their journeys inspire you.

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