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Our remote game cloud solution allows you to produce breathtaking visual effects, animations, and interactive content entirely in the cloud, from anywhere and anytime. We offer cloud products and professional services specially designed for game studios of any size, whether you’re an Indie or AAA studio.

As certified partners of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, our team of cloud experts is ready to share our expertise and industry-leading knowledge on the best practices for backend technology to help you develop, run, and scale your game.

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Virtual Game Studio in the cloud

The Game Changer for 3Bohemians 3BOHEMIANS create virtual worlds with digital stories since 2006....

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Managed virtual cycling boom with GCP

Riding in top cycling races like Ironman and La Vuelta, or just going up the nearest hill with a...

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What can you learn with a PoC?

Jablotron Cloud Services (JCS) is a software company with its own IoT solution, which provides...

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Develop, run, and scale your game in the cloud

Revolgy for gaming provides a comprehensive cloud solution for game development that helps streamline workflows and bring games to market quickly and efficiently. We give game developers all the tools they need to create and test their games, such as cloud-based workspaces and platforms. We also offer services to ensure your game works perfectly in the cloud. And, we make it easy to scale up or down as needed.


Remāngu — a complete solution for smaller studios

Remāngu is ideal for smaller and mid-size studios that need an efficient and secure ecosystem for game development.

Remāngu provides a pipeline with fully integrated tools for creators, developers, artists, and others. It allows them to work together from wherever they are, without complicated setup, hardware installation, or maintenance.


Exclusive virtual studio (for big studios)

High-powered graphic workstations in a cloud-native studio environment will enable your creators to collaborate remotely while keeping your data fully secure, and develop content in a familiar environment with all the computing power you need at your fingertips.

Find more information about our virtual studio on a separate page.

Architecture & Landing zones

Landing zones streamline your cloud journey, providing a standardized foundation for game development. They provide default options and a solid foundation to improve agility, save costs, and scale effortlessly

With Landing zones, you can have your game development environment up and running in minutes.


Inside-game services

Eliminate downtime, deploy, and maintain seamlessly with best-in-class backend architecture. We will help you build microservices with serverless and Kubernetes alternatives to deliver inside-game services to your players.

With our solutions, you can reduce latency in matchmaking and easily scale up as your player base grows.

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Game cloud security

You have full control over your security with Virtual Private Cloud.

It enables you to launch cloud resources in a logically isolated virtual network that can be fully customized, including the selection of an IP address range, creation of subnets, and configuration of route tables and network gateways.


AWS Workspaces

The fully managed Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution provides a secure and easy way to deploy high-quality cloud-based desktops without any initial investment. This allows for a more cost-effective and scalable solution.

Your team can work from anywhere with a familiar desktop experience. You can find more information on implementing this solution by visiting the dedicated AWS Workspaces page.



We will help you build a well-functioning Data Analytics pipeline, allowing you to gain real-time insights into the players’ experience and improve it accordingly. This powerful data analytics tool will also help you understand how cloud infrastructure costs can impact gaming experience and revenue.

Managed services

With our managed services, we’ve got your back when it comes to taking care of your cloud solution. Our incident management will handle any infrastructure problems that may come up, and our operations management will make sure everything runs smoothly, is optimized, and is set up just the way you need it.

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