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If you want to build your games in the cloud, collaborate with your team remotely and bring games to market quickly and efficiently, look no further.

As certified partners of the AWS GameTech organization, we are fully aware of all possible incentives, funding opportunities and roadmaps. Our engineers are qualified specifically for the gaming industry to help you with perforce, game servers, CI/CD and all industry specific tasks.

Needless to say, you'll be in good hands with us.

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If you want to develop a game in the cloud, you need to make sure you check a few things. We'll walk you through these steps so you can create your game easily! And what are the key steps?

  • Well-architected AWS Landing zone based on your needs
  • Identity and Device Management by JumpCloud
  • Perforce infrastructure deployment in AWS with possible replication
  • CICD in AWS (Jenkins, TeamCity or build server with baked image)
  • Distributed build system such as Epic Horde, Incredibuild, Fastbuild, SN-DBS
  • Cloud storage suitable for game development

Game development platform for remote work

Remāngu is a cloud-based SaaS for game studios, enabling seamless remote work for developers and artists.

Remāngu provides a pipeline with fully integrated tools for creators, developers, artists, and others. It allows them to work together from wherever they are, without complicated setup, hardware installation, or maintenance.



Multiplayer game servers

GameLift from AWS provides a cost-effective solution for multiplayer games, offering features like autoscaling, match backfill, and FlexMatch, which enables the creation of custom matchmaking rules.

It's a managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling dedicated game servers. That helps reduce time and effort of developers required to manage game server infrastructure.

  • Custom configuration of GameLift
  • Integration with your Game infrastructure
  • Global deployment
  • Continuous support



We will help you build a well-functioning Data Analytics pipeline, allowing you to gain real-time insights into the players’ experience and improve it accordingly.

Analyze your sales data (steam purchases, etc.).

  • Develop and test an automated pipeline for one data source (PoC)
  • Expand the pipeline to include additional platforms and data types,
  • Integrate and monitor in-game data such as player behavior, session times, and retention rates.
Managed Perforce in AWS

We present a managed service solution for Perforce Helix Core on AWS SaaS.

It's self-managed, delivering an efficient, secure, and scalable product ideal for game and movie studios. With our assistance, studios can redirect their focus to content creation.

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Learn how to build a Game development studio in cloud

Download our one-pager on how to start developing games in the cloud.


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