Managed Services

We manage and optimize your cloud operations while you spend your time growing your business with strategic projects.

Focus on the core of your
business operations

Consider Revolgy an extension of your operations team. We are your trusted partner when it comes to ongoing maintenance and on-demand scaling of your public cloud.

Cloud adoption

Assessment of cloud adoption in the organization using a proven and structured approach. Recommendations enable potential of the cloud services to the team and form a roadmap tailored to the specific situation of the organization. 

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Incident management

Fully managed and customized monitoring and alerting service driven by Certified Revolgy Cloud Engineers and backed by a strict response time SLA and robust processes for mitigating unexpected events.

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Operations management

Complete responsibilities for management in continuous cooperation for enhanced planning, and optimization of critical and complex cloud environments. Always following the priorities and needs of your business, with round-the-clock support enforcing agreed response time.

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Cloud FinOps

Take charge of your cloud expenditure proactively. Organizations diving head-first into the cloud tend to experience “cloud creep” and “shadow IT” quickly leading to inflated and hard-to-manage costs. But Revolgy FinOps offers easy-to-use cost management tooling to give you deep insight into cloud usage.

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Our secret to operating cloud infrastructures

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What standards do we follow?

Revolgy regularly updates its certifications, which are issued by an external auditor company, ISSI. Our technical and management staff is also certified by the respective cloud platform providers they specialize in.

How do we ensure global 24/7 coverage?

We provide our services 24/7 thanks to our service centers located in several time zones around the globe (NOAM, EMEA, APAC), managed by a 3 Tier support team.

Our secret to cloud operation
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Start a project as a Proof of Concept

Our approach is to start small and once validated, implement the full solution. PoC is the safest and most efficient way to invest in large projects, and we know it.

revolgy Purple Next  case study

How to boost services with managed Cloud Native infrastructure?

How do you ensure that your new IT tools meet the needs of hundreds of people who work in 11 business units of different disciplines? How do you do it in three months only? 

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We focus on your results

We help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we've done with our customers.

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