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Get free benefits with Revolgy

We’re here to help, listen, and stay. And you can only gain from it. From easy billing to on-demand support, knowledge sharing, and customized solutions like signature management, you’ll get everything within the original price.

Train your team to be power users

It’s important to know how to use the tools correctly. Our training will help your team understand all the features, highlight their benefits, and acquire the skills to use them efficiently to be more satisfied and productive in their daily work.

Enhance your security

Security is a big topic in today’s world. Google knows this and offers various ways to secure your environment. Make sure you’re prepared for any threats and that your employees know how to handle company data safely.

Consolidate your IT environment

Is one part of your company using different solutions than the rest? If so, it can get pretty messy, right? We are ready to consolidate everything into one solution — Google to Google or M365 to Google migration.

“Our goal is to keep you satisfied for years of using Workspace. Together, we will simplify your IT while maintaining all your needs and security.”

Miroslav Vlasák — CEO, Revolgy


Let’s migrate to Workspace

2.6 billion monthly active users can’t be wrong!

Migrate quickly and with ease

We’ve implemented Google Workspace in hundreds of companies, from small to large with thousands of users. You can be sure you’ll migrate to Google Workspace quickly and with ease.

Which license to choose?

Whether you are an SMB, enterprise company, school, or public authority, we’ll help you choose the best license for you based on every aspect of your workload.


Case Studies

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Your results are our mission

We help our customers make informed decisions to benefit most from using cloud technology. Explore  some of the successful projects we've completed with our customers.

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Is Workspace right for you?

How much does it cost?

What license do you need to cover everything within your current company scope? And how much will it cost you? See the license overview or contact us to find out if Google Workspace is the right choice for you and what the price will be if you switch.

Can it handle your unique processes?

Every company is different and has its own unique processes and culture. We’re the same, so we know this is a key part. Finding ways to duplicate or, ideally, improve your current processes with new tools is a structural part of our steps in the migration process.

Competitor comparison

How does Google Workspace compare to Microsoft Office? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions in comparison to the other? We’ll help you find out!

Easy-to-manage, transparent IT that works

Google Workspace is an all-in-one suite of enterprise tools that not only enables employee collaboration but also helps you simplify your IT ecosystem while keeping it highly secure. It protects you against external and internal threats, including shadow IT.

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Start with a 14-day free trial subscription. Explore all the features of Google Workspace with up to 10 users.

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