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Optimize your Google Workspace security with expert services

As your business grows and adds customers and employees, security challenges intensify. Achieving compliance, managing mergers, or responding to data leaks and hacks requires robust security measures. Many companies struggle with understanding their Google Workspace environment, leaving vulnerabilities unchecked. In all those cases, we can provide the support you need.

Free Tier

Security Audit

Get a head start securing your Google Workspace with our free Security Audit tier. This comprehensive, one-time service provides a valuable overview of your current security posture.

We’ll identify potential vulnerabilities and offer expert recommendations to address them, together with a detailed report outlining your security strengths and weaknesses and a personalized roadmap to improve your Google Workspace defenses. Gain peace of mind and a clear path forward—all at no cost or obligations.

Service highlights:
  • One-time security audit of your Google Workspace environment.
  • Detailed report outlining strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Tailored roadmap for enhancing security based on your business needs.
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Security checklist for IT Admins

We’ve prepared a full checklist of Google Workspace security settings. You will get all the necessary tips to cover security settings from end to end. Why follow security best practices?

Business Tier

Security Improvement Implementation

Security Improvement Implementation is a one-time service that delivers lasting benefits by implementing advanced security and authentication features to protect your business.

In this tier, we’ll identify critical vulnerabilities within your Google Workspace environment and prioritize them based on your specific security objectives. We’ll focus on fortifying key areas, such as admin and user accounts, access and data security for core apps, and third-party app access. Plus, we’ll address any additional security measures.

Service highlights:
  • Comprehensive security audit followed by the implementation of advanced security features.
  • Securing admin and user accounts, Google Vault, and third-party app access.
  • Safe access and data in Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail.
  • Securing super admin accounts.

We focus on your results

We help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we've done with our customers.

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Premium Tier

Domain Security Management

With Domain Security Management, you can stop worrying about security for good.

This managed service for Google Workspace gives you 24/7 protection. Our dedicated team of experts handles everything: proactive threat detection, managing alerts and updates, and responding to incidents. You’ll also get regular security reports to stay informed. Focus on your business, Domain Security Management keeps you secure and your data protected.

Service highlights:
  • Administration of organizational units to always propagate the right settings to the right users.
  • 24/7 monitoring and incident response for areas of adding unauthorized third-party apps, changes with super admin accounts, external sharing, and more.
  • Monitoring trusted email communication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, BIMI).

Security trainings

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End-user cyber security awareness training to improve the security of your data and bring the necessary knowledge in-house. We will show your IT Admin how to set everything up within the admin console with an explanation of what it brings.

We strongly recommend that you first undergo a Security Audit with us. Our engineers will analyze your systems, recommend ways to improve security, and train your team on best practices for your specific use cases.


The security tools are ready,
just set it up!

Google has industry-leading knowledge and expertise in building secure cloud infrastructure and applications at scale. Google Workspace is designed from the ground up, focusing on security and privacy in line with the highest industry standards and a variety of specific security features. We are happy to share with you the Google Workspace security best practises.

Revolgy - Google Workspace Security Products

JumpCloud — our security solution partner

JumpCloud’s mission is to Make (Remote) Work Happen® by providing secure access to the resources people need to do their jobs. It simplifies IT management, boosting productivity with features like SSO and MFA for enhanced security. It can also reduce costs and offer flexibility for modern work environments.

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Why work with revolgy?

Get a partner who will support you not only at the beginning. Our services are designed to provide support for the entire time you use Google Workspace. We are here to guide you every step of the way!

Get free benefits with Revolgy

We’re here to help, listen, and stay. And you can only gain from it. From easy billing to on-demand support, knowledge sharing, and customized solutions like signature management, you’ll get everything within the original price.

Train your team to be power users

It’s important to know how to use the tools correctly. Our training will help your team understand all the features, highlight their benefits, and acquire the skills to use them efficiently to be more satisfied and productive in their daily work.

Migrate quickly and with ease

We’ve implemented Google Workspace in hundreds of companies, from small to large with thousands of users. You can be sure you’ll migrate to Google Workspace quickly and with ease.

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