Professional Services

    Whether you need to migrate from on-premises data center or build a cloud-native infrastructure.

    Your infrastructure in the best possible state

    We’ll keep you confident and away from surprises with well-architected and migrated infrastructure.

    Cloud Architect

    Your architecture will follow the highest industry standards. We’ll show you how to enjoy all the benefits while focusing on cost, efficiency, reliability, security and scalability.

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    Cloud Build

    Our experienced cloud engineers will build modern infrastructure for your project. We will also improve the quality of your operations by converting your configurations to Infrastructure as Code and putting it through meticulous QA before handing it over to you.

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    Cloud Migrate

    Revolgy helps you quickly gain the benefits of the Cloud with migration from on-premises infrastructure or from another existing cloud environment. We have a collective experience of migrating hundreds of companies into the Cloud.

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    Professional Services

    Our highly-skilled cloud Engineers will closely collaborate with you on any kind of project. Applying SRE and DevOps methodologies, advanced cloud operational support and optimisation, to audits, training or specialist contribution to your projects.

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    Billing & Infrastructure Analysis

    Review and optimize your cloud environment and billing accounts with us. You definitely want to know better what you pay for and if your infrastructure is in the best shape possible.

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    Workshops & Trainings

    Our hands-on workshops and training sessions take your technical team from basics to advanced concepts. From cloud introductory courses to more in-depth technology-specific workshops, such as Terraform or Kubernetes. 

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    "Terraform CI/CD, code reviews in compliance with project-specific standards and penetration testing playbooks are just some of great examples of our rigorous quality assurance system."

    Michal Režnický - Delivery Team Leader


    Google Cloud Infrastructure Specialization

    Infrastructure specialization allows us to help you, whether you are creating a new application, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, or want to get the most out of your current solution.

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    Are you in a pickle and need someone who knows what you’re facing to bounce ideas of and help you get unstuck?

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    Taking the step forward

    and migrating to AWS

    How we helped Enetel Solutions to migrate workloads (applications, database, storage, virtual servers) into the AWS cloud and ensure its availability, scalability and reliability?

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    How to build well-functioning cloud infrastructure?

    Download our Manager’s Guide to cloud infrastructure and understand cloud-native environment and all important buzzwords.

    We focus on your results

    We help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we've done with our customers.

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