About revolgy

    We drive business growth by simplifying
    the way companies work with technology.

    The expert that customers
    love to return to

    You can expect us to truly understand your needs and provide solutions that work for you. We won’t waste your time with unnecessary details — we’ll get straight to the point and deliver results quickly and effectively. With our expertise and experience with the cloud, you can trust that we know what we’re doing. 

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    25+ years

    Helping companies maximize their use of IT services

    2,500+ customers

    Demonstrating the potential of cloud technologies

    47 countries

    Serving customers around the globe

    40+ certifications

    Ensuring our capability to manage any project

    “Our goal is to fully understand your business and then build the solution around it with the ability to scale in the future.”

    Miroslav Vlasák - CEO, Revolgy


    Achieve your growth with us

    IT solutions, especially cloud-based ones, can be simple, easy to use, and inexpensive. We support our customers’ business growth by making it straightforward for them to work with technology.

    You can focus on your business while we help you with infrastructure, communication, and collaboration. We aim to optimize your cloud usage, saving you unnecessary expenses and training your entire team to collaborate effectively to achieve your objectives.

    On our side, you can always count on meeting a professional team full of qualified people. Revolgians are ready to meet agreed objectives on time and still have fun while doing it.

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    🤗 Teamwork

    • We work as a team
    • We can count on each other
    • We enjoy being together

    🎖  Exceed expectation

    • We address real needs because we go to the heart of the matter
    • We use technology to create room for growth
    • We’re fast, and we don’t delay things

    🤗  Flexibility

    • We know where we’re going
    • Each of us influences what we do
    • Each of us is accountable for the results

    💡  Innovation

    • We improve every day
    • We innovate with purpose
    • Our innovations bring pleasure
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    Your success is our mission

    We help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done with our customers.

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    The story of transformation

    We started in 1996, primarily providing professional services and supplying IT hardware and software. It was an excellent service back then, but as time went on and technology advanced, we knew we wanted to provide something more.

    The cloud was the best solution for scaling businesses and rapid growth. There were multiple vendors, but we decided to work with the two largest — Google Cloud for its global reach and innovation and AWS for its technical expertise. The ability to help our customers achieve their scaling goals with ever-improving technology was the key for us.

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    The main idea of our work was revolution and technology. And so, in 2018, our current name revolgy was created as a combination of these two words.

    Since the beginning, our team has grown to more than 70 people, helping over 2,500 customers in 47 countries. We have won numerous awards from both partners and have been included in Sandberg’s investment portfolio. Although we are a 100% remote company, we love to meet each other. So, in January this year, we held a kick-off event in Prague, where we discussed our focus and aligned our goals for the year. Plus, we joined the Financial Times list of 1000 fastest growing companies.

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    From small talk to big things

    The spark is essential. That’s why we always start with small talk. Only then can big things happen. “From small talk to big things” means we focus on helping you move from initial discussions or distractions to achieving your key business goals with cloud solutions.

    We met together in 2021 for our 25th anniversary. It’s been an increasingly fantastic ride. Full of technology, innovation, and sophisticated cloud solutions. We celebrated it together, and we had a lot of fun. Check out our short video from the venue. 

    revolgy Cloud Do You Do Podcast

    The podcast episodes

    When you build a brand new business, everything seems more important than IT infrastructure. We are going to show you that the opposite is the truth. Cloud Do You Do? is a podcast full of interviews about cloud-related topics with many guests from startups and corporates.


    Let’s meet, grow, and enjoy a project together

    Meet in person

    We will most likely collaborate on a joint project online. But because we are an international team, we can meet anywhere in the world in person. And if you like to attend events, we will be there too. This year we will attend GDC in San Francisco, Latitude59 in Tallinn, Techsylvania in Cluj, Slush in Helsinki, and many others.

    Grow by learning

    Learning and improving skills in the technology industry is vital. We are happy to share our experience on the latest topics and technology solutions in the market. But because we’re all companies in the same industry, we’re happy to talk to you about human resources, marketing, or finance issues. Because we strive to improve in these areas, we attend HR events such as Bob’s “How to Keep Great People in Your Company” and Berna’s “Mental Health Workshops.”

    Enjoy time spent together

    Work is a big part of our lives, and we want to enjoy it. We want to work on meaningful projects with great clients. And in doing so, we want to have fun, meet up, and share a beer or coffee whenever possible. We may spill it a bit, right, Viet? 

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