We are revolgy


Expert in cloud technologies.
We are a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Amazon Web Services Partner.


Our mission is to help businesses grow and function with more efficiency by using the cloud. We have helped more than 1,500 businesses in 15 European countries to leverage the full potential of modern technologies to cut costs, save time, simplify processes and improve employees' working experience. We are a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner, Amazon Web Services Partner and cloud technology specialists. 

20+ years of experience in IT, 9 years with cloud.

In 2013, we received Google EMEA Special Contribution Award.


We are proud to provide this recognition to Revolgy, who has consistently demonstrated sales, deployment and support excellence to our customers throughout 2013.

Mark Hodgson, Head of Global Partner Programs at Google.

Our values


Service exceeding expectations

  • We solve real needs because we get straight to the point.
  • We create space for growth through technology.
  • We work quickly, effectively and without delay.

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  • We know where we are going.
  • We all have impact through our work.
  • Each of us is responsible for our results.



  • We cooperate.
  • We can rely on each other.
  • We enjoy working together.


  • We get better each day.
  • We innovate with purpose.
  • Our innovations make your business better.