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How to avoid these 8 common cloud security pitfalls

When it comes to cloud security, even the tiniest missteps can lead to huge problems. Recent...

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5 ways to use Google Sites for Google Workspace customers

Google Sites is arguably the most underrated app in the core Google Workspace productivity suite....

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How Revolgy helps your business implement AI solutions

The world is driven by data, and artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking its true...

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Case Studies

Boosting Volograms’ innovation with scalable GCP infrastructure

Volograms, a company specializing in creating AI-powered 3D volumetric holograms, ran their...

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Optimizing SharpGrid’s infrastructure for global expansion

SharpGrid, a Prague-based startup, is on a mission to become the global leader in market research...

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Getting listed on Google Cloud Marketplace made easy with Revolgy

Platforms like the Google Cloud Marketplace offer big benefits for companies. They simplify selling...

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Podcast - Cloud do you do?

Cloud Do You Do, Invokation Games?

Charlie Olson: A deep dive into matchmaking, skill-rating, and gameplay mechanics In this episode...

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Cloud Do You Do, Capchase?

Capchase’s innovative approach to financing SaaS startups In this episode of “Cloud Do You Do?”,...

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Cloud Do You Do,

Behind the scenes of motion capture with In this episode of the Cloud Do You Do Podcast,...

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Events & Webinars

Arcade & Mingle Meetup London

Our Gaming teams from Revolgy and Remāngu reserved a famous arcade bar NQ64 Shoreditch 10 mins walking from PGC London venue.

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Lift to DICE Las Vegas venue

Collect a free lift in a Polaris Slingshot to a DICE Conference in Las Vegas.

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Cloud Breakfast: Successful Road to the Cloud

We are happy to invite you to an exclusive morning discussion about infrastructure modernization, migration to GCP together with Revolgy, PLX AI and UNOPS. The event is offline at Google offices in Copenhagen.

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Ebooks & Guides

Google Workspace Security checklist

What policies and settings should IT administrators follow in Google Workspace? Sign up for our complete security settings checklist.

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Cut your IT costs by migrating to the cloud

If you are considering your IT costs and migrating your business to the cloud is on the list, this ebook is the best for you! Learn how to save some money and innovate at the same time.

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How to build well-functioning cloud infrastructure?

Download our ebook with complete information about Kubernetes, GCP, AWS, microservices and other cloud-related services.

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