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Improve your collaboration and workflow with Gemini Workspace extensions

Google Workspace users with Gemini add-ons have a valuable new tool: Workspace extensions....

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New AI releases: top models to watch

The AI industry is booming like never before, with new models and innovations popping up all the...

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Aptitude games: a way to streamline your hiring process?

Imagine it’s a Monday morning, countless new CVs, and a long week of interviews ahead. Surely many...

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Case Studies

Vaimo integrates newly acquired company into existing Google Workspace environment

Vaimo, a leading full-service digital experience agency, acquired, a Brussels-based...

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Boosting Volograms’ innovation with scalable GCP infrastructure

Volograms, a company specializing in creating AI-powered 3D volumetric holograms, ran their...

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Optimizing SharpGrid’s infrastructure for global expansion

SharpGrid, a Prague-based startup, is on a mission to become the global leader in market research...

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Podcast - Cloud do you do?

Cloud Do You Do, FTMO?

From university startup to global trading revolution with Google Cloud Listen in on this engaging...

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Cloud Do You Do, Invokation Games?

Charlie Olson: A deep dive into matchmaking, skill-rating, and gameplay mechanics In this episode...

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Cloud Do You Do, Capchase?

Capchase’s innovative approach to financing SaaS startups In this episode of “Cloud Do You Do?”,...

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Events & Webinars

Optimization of Kubernetes workloads

Learn from cloud experts how to optimize Kubernetes workload cost and performance. We will show you practical strategies, tips and tricks. 

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Arcade & Mingle Meetup London

Our Gaming teams from Revolgy and Remāngu reserved a famous arcade bar NQ64 Shoreditch 10 mins walking from PGC London venue.

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GDC Brewery Tour & Tasting

Join us for an invite-only brewery tour and unlimited tasting at Olfactory Brewery to celebrate the wonderful world of games with Revolgy and Remāngu.

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Ebooks & Guides

Google Workspace Security checklist

What policies and settings should IT administrators follow in Google Workspace? Sign up for our complete security settings checklist.

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Cut your IT costs by migrating to the cloud

If you are considering your IT costs and migrating your business to the cloud is on the list, this ebook is the best for you! Learn how to save some money and innovate at the same time.

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The executive’s guide to generative AI

Not sure where to start with generative AI? See what your industry peers are doing and use Google Cloud’s 10-step, 30-day plan to hit the ground running with your first use case. 

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