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Cloud Run service on Google Cloud Platform

This article is about the Cloud Run service on Google Cloud Platform. It will be of most interest...

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Beware of the pitfalls of Google Workspace to Google Workspace migration

When your business grows at some point, you'll reach a stage when organisational regrouping is...

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Revolgy Teambuilding 2021

In Revolgy you can feel the passion and the engagement of all team members who make the cloud work...

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Case Studies

Virtual Game Studio in the cloud

The Game Changer for 3Bohemians 3BOHEMIANS create virtual worlds with digital stories since 2006....

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How ROUVY managed virtual cycling boom with Google Cloud

Riding in top cycling races like Ironman and La Vuelta, or just going up the nearest hill with a...

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State Bank on the road to full digitalisation

The National Development Bank (in the Czech language the "Národní Rozvojová Banka" - "NRB") is the...

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Podcast - Cloud do you do?

Cloud Do You Do, Kiwi?

Stanislav "Stano" Komanec, VP of Engineering at, created and currently manages the...

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Cloud Do You Do, Twisto?

Lukáš Hurych (Chief Portfolio Officer) and Viktor Stískala (CTO) from ‘buy-now-pay-later’ platform...

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Cloud Do You Do, Login5 Foundation?

Mitja Kravos, CTO at Login5 Foundation (and ex-GM at Outfit7) describes how to build a data-driven...

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Events & Webinars

Expert session: Migrate on-premises OpenShift to Google Cloud

Expert session with Google Cloud Engineer about possible migration scenarios for moving existing OpenShift to the Google Cloud. We talk also about some other ways how to run containers in Google Cloud -  like GKE and Anthos. We will give you exclusive opportunity to ask questions and learn best practices from retail industry.

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Expert session: Running Microsoft Workloads on GCP with Miinto

You will learn how they successfully manage and run Microsoft workloads on Google Cloud platform from Miinto Group Director of Engineering Piotr Marczyszyn. We will give you exclusive opportunity to ask questions and learn best practices from retail industry.

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Webinar: G Suite to Workspace transition

If you have G Suite in your company, you are probably wondering: "What exactly will change for us with Google Workspace?", "There is many types of subscription, which one is the best for my business?" and many many more questions. No worries, just watch our webinar and all should be clear.

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Ebooks & Guides

Why have a partner for Google Workspace

What benefits do you lose without a Google Workspace partner? Download our ebook, where we explain all adde value, benefits and services you get when you have Google Workspace with a Google Partner.

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The Manager’s Guide 
to well-functioning cloud infrastructure.

Download an ebook with information on Kubernetes, GCP, AWS, microservices and other cloud-related services.

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Why to have a cloud partner?

Cloud with a partner or directly from the vendor? We will show you all the possibilities and plus and cons of them.

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