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Google Workspace training programs

It doesn’t matter how good the tools are if users don’t take advantage of them. Our task as a Google partner is to help you get the most out of the Workspace environment and help every single employee of your company to be satisfied with how they manage their daily tasks.

End-user training

We make sure that all employees have the knowledge and skills to perform everyday tasks using the Google Workspace toolkit. We can provide training to small departments and entire companies. We ensure they are practical and relevant, and participants take away new skills. See what training we offer:

  • Initial setup and login
  • Gmail basics
  • Advanced mail and zero inbox
  • Specific training for VIPs and assistants for delegated inbox
  • How to work with Calendar
  • Drive and sharing best practices
  • Working with Google Docs


  • Working with Google Slides
  • Working with Google Sheets
    • Google Sheets — Basic data manipulation
    • Google Sheets More advanced data manipulation
  • Working with Google Forms
  • Working with Google Meet
  • How to use Google Chat
  • Working with Google Groups
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Admin training

Managing your company’s Google Workspace domain through Admin Console. Starting from the fundamentals to advanced actions and led by our experienced Deployment Specialists. All questions will be answered so your admin is ready to manage every aspect of the Google Workspace environment.

  • Basic Admin Console Training
  • Google Drive setup for admins
  • Google Groups setup for admins
  • Company Calendar setup for admins
  • Setting up admin roles
  • Secure email communications
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Chrome Browser Management
  • Third-party app access to Google APIs (Gmail, Drive, etc.)
  • Technical capabilities of Google Workspace as an identity provider

Security training

End-user cyber security awareness training to improve the security of your data and bring the necessary knowledge in-house.

To train your security specialist, we strongly recommend going through a security audit with us first. Our engineers will analyze your systems, recommend things you can do to improve security, and train your team on best practices for your specific use cases.


Custom training to support L&D

Do you have gaps in your team’s collaboration? Let us know, and we can identify the best training to improve it within your whole organization.

We’ll make sure that everyone understands the positive impact the change will have on their everyday work. We’ll analyze the needs of your team in regard to the typical workflows and technology used, and identify processes that can be improved with the new solution.

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Case Studies

Vaimo integrates newly acquired company into existing Google Workspace environment

Vaimo, a leading full-service digital experience agency, acquired, a Brussels-based...

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Elevating e-commerce fulfillment with Google Workspace and Revolgy

Recognizing the need for a robust identity management system, ShipMonk sought a partner who could...

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Rossum leverages Google Workspace for enhanced data security and efficiency

Rossum is a pioneer in AI-powered document data extraction, transforming business operations by...

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Power of AI within your reach

Start using AI in Google Workspace to get rid of repetitive tasks and enhance your productivity.

Gamini training

Embrace the future with Gemini (known also as Duet AI), the groundbreaking AI integration for Google Workspace. Our expert consultancy services are here to guide your journey, unleashing productivity, innovation, and intelligence within your organization. Say goodbye to mundane tasks and hello to amplified potential.
Gemini features help you write, help you organize, help you visualize, help you accelerate workflows, have richer meetings and much more.

Google Bard training

Google Bard is an AI-powered chatbot that can answer user questions (or suggestions) on any topic with almost human "understanding". It performs text-based tasks such as creating different forms of content, summarizing text, and translating between languages. It is now available worldwide for everyone. Learn how to use it.

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Why work with revolgy?

Get a partner who will support you not only at the beginning. Our services are designed to provide support for the entire time you use Google Workspace. We are here to guide you every step of the way!

Get free benefits with Revolgy

We’re here to help, listen, and stay. And you can only gain from it. From easy billing to on-demand support, knowledge sharing, and customized solutions like signature management, you’ll get everything within the original price.

Enhance your security

Security is a big topic in today’s world. Google knows this and offers various ways to secure your environment. Make sure you’re prepared for any threats and that your employees know how to handle company data safely.

Migrate quickly and with ease

We’ve implemented Google Workspace in hundreds of companies, from small to large with thousands of users. You can be sure you’ll migrate to Google Workspace quickly and with ease.


25 years

Helping companies maximize their use of IT services

2,000+ customers

Demonstrating the potential of cloud technologies

47 countries

Serving customers around the globe

40+ certifications

Ensuring our capability to manage any project

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Gemini for Workspace is an AI assistant that helps you to be more productive and efficient in your...

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Introducing Google Workspace’s Colab Pro and Pro+ subscriptions

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