Workshops &
End-user Training

for Google Workspace

Bring the knowledge in-house.

Because transformation
starts with people.

Admin Training

Managing your company's Google Workspace domain through Admin Console. Starting from the fundamentals to advanced actions. Led by our experienced Deployment Specialists.

End-user Training

This training is an integral part of our Change Management projects. We make sure everyone at the company has the knowledge and the skills to complete their everyday tasks using the Google Workspace suite of tools. Covering Gmail, Editors (Docs, Sheets, Slides), Forms, Calendar, Chat, Meet. We are also sharing the end user security best practices.

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Transformation Labs

Maximise the adoption of new tools. Transformation Labs are an integral part of our Change Management projects. They focus on use cases specific to your business and identifying workflows that can be improved with the new tools. They are designed to encourage your team to search for creative ways to use the new tools they are given.

Security Training

End user cyber security awareness training to improve the security of your data, and bring the necessary knowledge in-house. We strongly recommend going through a security audit with us first. Our engineers will analyse your systems, recommend things you can do to improve security and based on that train your security specialists on best practices for your specific use cases.

Google Guides

Google Guides training is another integral part of our Change management projects. Our experience thought us, that when people need help with new tool, they feel way more comfortable asking a colleague for help. We provide a selected group of your employees with additional training so that they become ambassadors of change for the rest of the company or as we call them "Google Guides". This way you will have in-house Google experts always ready to help their colleagues or train new employees.

Custom Training

Revolgy - Google Workspace products

To meet your specific needs

We make sure that everyone understands the positive impact the change will have on their everyday work. We analyse the needs of your team in regards to typical workflows and technology used, and identify processes that can be improved with the new solution.

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