Privacy policy



  1. Personal data protection. If the Client hands over any personal data to the Provider in connection with the performance of the Contract, the Provider shall protect the personal data as much as possible by means of advanced technologies corresponding to the level of technology development. The Provider declares that it has taken all possible measures to protect the data against unauthorized interferences of third persons. However, the Provider is not responsible for possible unauthorized interferences of third persons through which those persons get unauthorized access to the Client’s and individual users’ personal data, and will use, utilize or misuse the data, or make them available to third persons. The Client declares that is aware of risks resulting for the Client from the above-mentioned unauthorized interferences of third persons.

  2. Restriction on handling the data. The Provider will not, without the Client’s prior consent, process, share, sell or use the provided personal data in such a way that would contradict these Conditions or the Contract.

  3. Personal data processing. If personal data are handed over to the Provider in connection with the Contract, the Client understands that the Provider is entitled to process and gather the personal data for its own needs (i.e. for the purpose of providing services under the Contract), and for statistical purposes.

  4. Client’s consent to personal data processing. If personal data are handed over to the Provider under the Contract, by concluding the Contract the Client gives consent, in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of Personal Data and on the Free Movement of Such Data and amendment of certain acts, as amended, to processing the personal data provided under the Contract to the Provider as the administrator for the purpose of meeting its obligations under the Contract.

  5. Term of the given consent. The Client gives the above-mentioned consent to the personal data processing for the period of 10 (ten) years, or rather until full settlement of the rights and obligations resulting from the Use of Services unless it takes back its consent sooner. This does not affect the Provider’s obligation to process the personal data during the period determined in relevant legal regulations or in accordance with them.

  6. Personal data processing by Third Parties. The Provider does not take any responsibility for processing the personal data included by the Client or on its behalf in the Third Party Services. All personal data processing arranged by the Client through the Third Party Services, if this occurs under the Contract, abides by the conditions for personal data processing of the relevant Third Party. The Client is obliged, prior to providing the personal data, to acquaint itself in time with the conditions for personal data processing of Third Parties, and assign the identical obligation to all users of the Services within the Client’s domain.

  7. Access to personal data within the Provider’s Own Services and Third Party Services. The Client is fully responsible for arranging the setting of access to the data entered by the Client when using the Provider’s Own Services and Third Party Services.

  8. Confidential information protection. The Contractual Parties are obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding all facts they get to know in connection with performing the Contract, regardless of the form in which such information is made available to the other party, if any of the Contracting Parties marks it as confidential, or if it is possible to assume, by law or by the character of the information, that the Party which made the information available is interested in its secrecy (confidential information). The same protection applies to information of a business character, e.g. prices, conditions for performance, existence of the contractual relation between the Provider and Client, contents of the Contract itself, the Provider’s marketing or business information not intended for the public. However, the protection does not apply to information publicly known at the time of its provision, or information that became known without breaking the confidentiality obligation under the Contract, or information which the Provider handed over to a Third Party for the purpose of meeting the obligations under the Contract.

  9. Termination of personal data protection and confidential information protection.In case of termination of the Contract each Contracting Party is obliged, if requested by the other Contracting Party, to return or destroy all personal data and information under Art. X. 8 of these Conditions related to the other Contracting Party (except for the information which the Parties are obliged to keep based on relevant legal regulations).