Cloud partner benefits

Your cloud platform as you know it, with flexible invoicing and access to extra technical support and cloud experts.

Funds & Billing options

Funds & credits

The cloud vendors are happy to provide special resources and credits for many uses. For example, cloud consumption or even our services.

We know all the programs and incentives available for your projects, and we know how to ask for them! Be sure that you are not missing any of them.

Discounts & commitments

Based on your cloud consumption, services used, commitment time and many other aspects, it is possible to work out a better price based on these variables. 

Give us a call and let's see if we can work something out.

Startup programs

If you're at the beginning of your journey, cloud vendors are happy to support you.

Check out special starter programs where you can get a huge jump start on using cloud solutions.

Startup programs

Optimized invoicing

Consolidate your cloud spend or use the flexible currency and billing option - USD/EUR/GBP/CZK, credit card payment or bank transfer.

All done in an easy to use customer portal MyServices, that enables you to see all invoices, manage billing options, see your cloud consumption and communicate with our support team easily.

“Access cloud the way you’re used to, but with extra benefits from a partner.”

Bohuslav Dohnal — Revolgy founder


Support & Technical expertise


Easy communication with vendors

We're always connected with your AWS or GCP account manager, who we work with to get the best possible terms for your current and future business.

Allocation quotas increase

If you ever hit a resource quota limit, which defines the number of resources your project can access. We are ready to help you increase them so you are ready to work without any pitfalls.

Cloud engineers on-call

Quick access to cloud engineers ready to support your own team or a full proactive operations team covering all aspects of your cloud infrastructure We'll just be there when you need it.

Support options

Architecture reviews & consultations

Use vendor programs to help you be comfortable in cloud. Architecture reviews or up to 5 MD free consultations per year. Free advice and guidance when testing new cloud services.

Infrastructure optimization

Easy to start the cooperation

How to start the cooperation with Revolgy and how to access the benefits? You only have to transfer your account under us. Without any cost. Any commitment. See the exact procedures:
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Why have a cloud partner - ebook

Why have a cloud partner?

Explore all pros and cons of having a cloud partner, going directly with a cloud vendor and find out all possibilities that you have.

Why work with revolgy?

Shortcut to technical expertise, credits, easy invoicing and support. Working with us brings all these benefits to your fingertips.

There are no hidden costs

How come? The benefits stated above are being fully covered by the cloud vendor. They are sharing the part of their margin to make sure the partner provides all the necessary support to their customers, they most probably won't be able to deliver by themselves (unless you are NASDAQ :)).

Infrastructure in shape

Be sure nothing surprises you! We'll manage and optimize your cloud operations so you can you spend your time growing your business with strategic projects.

Information security certification

We help our customers to embrace digital transformation, security and compliance point of view as it is a crucial part of this endeavour for REVOLGY.

25 years

Helping companies maximize their use of IT services

2,000+ customers

Demonstrating the potential of cloud technologies

47 countries

Serving customers around the globe

40+ certifications

Ensuring our capability to manage any project

We focus on your results

We help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we've done with our customers.

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