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Change resistance is a myth.

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People are not afraid of change. They fear the unknown and the lack of choice. Our unique change management methodology focuses on activating people and empowering them to search for creative solutions to their everyday problems themselves.

Key principles of our methodology:

1. Discovery

We learn from the past

We start by mapping how previous changes have been received and identifying opportunities for further shifts in the organisation. Lessons learnt from the past will help us succeed in the upcoming change.

2. Key Stakeholders

We choose project sponsors

Strong sponsorship is needed to successfully implement change. To ensure that the project is embraced by the whole team and understood by all, we need to involve key people across the organisation.

3. Communication

We build company-wide commitment

Communication is key. We build and help you execute internal marketing strategy to make sure people are not only ready for the change, but they get excited about it.

4. Google Guides

We train the trainers

Years of experience leading transformation projects thought us, that when people need help with new tool, they feel way more comfortable asking a colleague for help. We provide a selected group of your employees with additional training so that they become ambassadors of change for the rest of the company or as we call them "Google Guides". This way you will have in-house Google experts always ready to help their colleagues or train new employees.

5. Training

We train your team

People don't like to undergo change if they don't understand it. We provide you with thorough training, that reflects specific needs of your organisation. We inspire people to take action and look for creative solutions to their everyday needs.

6. Transformation Labs

We help you maximise the benefits of the transformation

We make sure that everyone understands the positive impact the change will have on their everyday work. We analyse the needs of your team in regards to typical workflows and technology used, and identify processes that can be improved with the new solution.

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