Cloud Build & Migrate

Easily migrate from on-premises data center or build a cloud-native infrastructure.


Infrastructure development

Infrastructure design

Efficient, fast, and maintainable architecture built to last. Get a tailor-made infrastructure design, including best practices for organization setup, policies setup, and CI/CD design.

Your architecture will meet the highest industry standards, focusing on cost, efficiency, reliability, security, scalability, and operations. We’ll also include monitoring and alerting recommendations in the design.

Key deliverables

Technical Design Document (TDD): Describing your future cloud-native architecture, from account structure and security to individual services and deployment strategy.

Handover workshop: Detailed architecture description for each major workload that can be used as a manual for building and deploying the infrastructure.


Infrastructure build

Let's turn your cloud-native architecture blueprint into a reality with a smooth transition from design to deployment.

Our team of Certified Cloud Engineers  will create an Infrastructure-as-Code codebase from the design, execute the deployment, and perform thorough testing and verification of your unique configuration prior to handing it over to you. All managed by Revolgy’s designated project manager, who serves as a single point of contact to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Key deliverables

Technical Design Document (TDD): Setup, configuration, and deployment of the cloud-native architecture designed in the TDD via Terraform code.

Cloud deployment: Detailed design converted into a deployable public cloud infrastructure based on our ‘landing zone’ design, which contains resources set up for standard cloud environments, such as networking, IAM, shared services, logging, and monitoring.

Handover workshop: A post-deployment handover with your team to provide recommendations for the next steps for each completed or future workload. Your solution is thoroughly tested and handed over along with full documentation.

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How to build a well-functioning cloud infrastructure?

Download our manager’s guide to cloud infrastructure and understand the cloud-native environment and all the important buzzwords.


Infrastructure migrate

Are you considering a new project or migrating from another cloud provider (GCP, AWS, Azure, Hetzner, DigitalOcean, Scaleway...) or on-premises? 

Experience the benefits of the cloud quickly and easily by moving your workload to an optimized environment.

Our team of cloud experts will work closely with you to fully assess your workload, which is essential to plan and execute the right migration strategy. After that, we will migrate your project to an optimized environment within a short timeframe, so you can start your projects as quickly as possible.

Key deliverables

Managed migration: A complete assessment of your application and business requirements to provide a comprehensive migration plan, outlining each step necessary for a successful migration. Together we'll execute and test the application and data migration phases. The transition to production will be carefully controlled, and a workshop will be held to hand it over.

Transparent reporting and handover: Fully transparent reporting throughout the project. Access to the code repository containing the Terraform code and a document detailing the entire migration process and disaster recovery plan.

How to simply switch under us?

How does our partnership take shape? Let’s line up all the steps of the transition process. Long story short, our aim is to make it as short and seamless as possible while providing continuous support on the way.
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CS Mindgram

Mindgram to migrate from AWS to GCP

Mindgram, a mental care and well-being platform, was searching for an infrastructure design that would enable them to migrate their existing Amazon Web Services infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform. The move was aimed at reducing costs, and they chose Revolgy to help them come up with a design.

Read case study

Special vendor programs

GCP migration programs

Google Cloud does not offer specific programs as such but evaluates each case individually. The benefits can be comparable to AWS.

Get in touch with us to discuss your migration to GCP and we’ll help you secure the best possible conditions.

Let’s get in touch

AWS MAP Program

AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is designed to help you quickly access the cloud and become fully operational.

Thanks to the acquired AWS Migration Competency, we are the right partner to guide your organization to the cloud and secure the funds from AWS for your migration.

AWS MAP program

Why work with revolgy?

We’re your shortcut to technical expertise, credits, easy invoicing, and support. Achieve your cloud goals, with all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Consultative approach

Our approach is centered around understanding your requirements and producing a detailed design of your customized technical solution. Typically this includes a review of your overall cloud strategy and your key business drivers.


Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your operations. That’s why we include monitoring and alerting recommendations in our architectural design. You’ll always be able to monitor your cloud infrastructure and quickly see what the problem might be.

Proactive & informed partner

Have a partner who is knowledgeable about your infrastructure and is always ready to provide valid support. Instead of figuring out what your stack is and getting access, we’re able to solve the problem right away.

25 years

Helping companies maximize their use of IT services

2,000+ customers

Demonstrating the potential of cloud technologies

47 countries

Serving customers around the globe

40+ certifications

Ensuring our capability to manage any project

“Terraform CI/CD, code reviews in compliance with project-specific standards and penetration testing playbooks are just some great examples of our rigorous quality assurance system.”

Michal Režnický — Delivery Team Leader

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