Working from home isn't easy at all.

Make it easier with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

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You're probably thinking, “Yet another webinar about working from home? Is there anything else I need to know about it? ” Don't worry,we won't mentor you on whether pyjamas or a suit is a more suitable outfit for a home office. We will show you a real solution.

Your employees try to work from home as efficiently as they do in the office - but honestly ... sometimes they don't do well. Their productivity is affected by many factors. From the lack of willpower to the need to do laundry right now. However, it's not the lack of willpower that is the main reason for decreased productivity. What your people miss are the right tools.

Watch our free webinar to learn how to solve this issue with tools from Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

We will show you how to set everything up

✓ Practical examples of how to resolve situations such as: Hana couldn't work on the project because she didn't have remote access to her work apps. John needed to call the client abroad again, but the video call was glitchy. How frustrating!

✓ Introduction of some must-have tools.

✓ Deep dive into working with Google Meet.