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Revolgy is here to help you get the most out of AI and ML solutions. From Vertex AI, Gemini and AutoML to advanced data pipelines and machine learning models, we use cutting-edge technologies to provide intelligent solutions that drive your business forward.

Vertex AI platform

Vertex AI offers a comprehensive suite of tools to create, train, test, monitor, tune, and deploy ML and AI models. From Vision AI for image processing to Translation AI for breaking language barriers and Speech-to-Text solutions, Vertex AI is designed to streamline your operations and drive innovation.

We can help you identify and test the most effective ones to streamline your business operations.

Dialogflow: Enhance your customer interactions

Dialogflow utilizes Google’s cutting-edge AI to craft responsive conversational interfaces for your websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices. By understanding natural language, identifying intents, and extracting entities, Dialogflow can dramatically reduce development time, enhance customer experience, and boost operational efficiency.

Gemini for Google Cloud

Gemini is Google Cloud's premier AI model, providing robust multimodal capabilities that integrate text, images, audio, and video. Available in various configurations to suit data centers or mobile devices, Gemini enhances enterprise and developer AI applications, pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance

AI-powered Databases 

Supercharge database development and management. An AI-powered assistant simplifies complex tasks such as development, performance optimization, and migrations. With Gemini, enhance efficiency and reduce reliance on specialized skills, making database operations more intuitive and cost-effective.

Free Cloud Anomaly Detection

Protect your budget with our Cloud Anomaly Detection service, powered by Google BigQuery's machine learning functions. Receive automated alerts directly to your preferred communication channel and address unexpected cost spikes immediately.

Gemini for Google Workspace

Introducing Gemini, your new AI-powered teammate within Google Workspace. Start with a 30-day free trial and experience real-time AI that aids in content creation, summarization, and data search. Gemini is easy to set up and is guaranteed to enhance team productivity.

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State of the art AI at Revolgy

Learn more about benefits and real-life use-cases for your business. 

Tailored AI solutions for industry-specific needs

At Revolgy, we specialize in bespoke AI solutions, from data preparation through robust pipelines using GCP technologies like BigQuery and DataFlow, to deploying sophisticated ML models tailored to specific business needs.

Whether you need sentiment analysis, OCR, or advanced time series analysis, our expertise ensures high performance and measurable business impacts.

Example of business impacts of leveraging AI in GCP

  • Increasing company profit by 4%
  • AI-Powered marketing analysis increased campaign ROI by 20-25%
  • 99% accuracy in object detection model
  • 20% cost saving in GCP AI by optimizing the model’s training data
  • Coding assistant helping over 50 people with implementation
  • AI-Enhanced product management for E-Commerce increased efficiency by 30-40%
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Your success is our mission

"Revolgy wasn’t just another vendor; they were true partners. They understood our mission and worked tirelessly to find a solution that fit our business needs. Now, our data is rock-solid, and we can tell people exactly how much carbon they’re saving."

Jeanette Bromage - Head of Technology, Pawprint
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AI program outcome

  • Discovery and evaluation of your case, recommendation of using the proper model and technology to build the solution.
  • Actual model implementation, configuration and training with the dataset. Labeling data based on the expected outcome and model selected.
  • A customized report of the results, accuracy measure, comparison with the previous state.
  • Configured GCP environment with relevant AI and supporting services, trained model, measured efficiency, suggested next steps and handover training so that you can take over the ownership of your infra.
  • Technical support and guiding for future needs
  • Easy invoicing and optimized cloud spending
  • Possibility to apply for special funds and credits
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Why work with revolgy?

We’re your shortcut to technical expertise, credits, easy invoicing, and support. Achieve your cloud goals, with all the resources you need at your fingertips.

We’re your insurance

Whatever your request, goal, or pitfall could be in the future, we’re ready to support you, covering it with our expertise or communicating directly with Google or AWS engineers.

Consultative approach

Our approach is centered around understanding your requirements and producing a detailed design of your customized technical solution. Typically this includes a review of your overall cloud strategy and your key business drivers.

Proactive & informed partner

Have a partner who is knowledgeable about your infrastructure and is always ready to provide valid support. Instead of figuring out what your stack is and getting access, we’re able to solve the problem right away.

25 years

Helping companies maximize their use of IT services

2,000+ customers

Demonstrating the potential of cloud technologies

47 countries

Serving customers around the globe

40+ certifications

Ensuring our capability to manage any project

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