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G Suite

Online Collaboration Tools for Higher Productivity

All office applications you need in one set of tools. Email, calendars, documents, storage, intranet, chat, video and more.


“We realised that the true value is not in the things people know, but in the fact that they share their knowledge. This trend is just going to grow in the future”

- Petr Beneš, CIO, Česká spořitelna.

Why G Suite? 

  • With G Suite you have one centrally managed solution for communication, collaboration, chatting, video conferencing, sharing, internal social networks, and more

  • It is accessible from any location, any device at any time

  • Bulletproof data protection and data control. State-of-the-art security up to the highest industry standards.

  • Full control over documents, users and devices

  • Unlimited storage space

  • Data is linked to employees profile, but owned by the company - they will remain secure in the company even after the employee leaves


Our Case Studies

See how G Suite migration changed the way businesses across different industries  function. 

G Suite (Google Apps) deployment at the number-one bank in the Czech Republic in order to rejuvenate the infrastructure, improve processes and collaboration.

Česká Spořitelna

One of the biggest projects of G Suite implementation in the segment of manufacturing companies. Project took place in The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and its aim was to help improve communication and speed up processes between decentralised branches all over Europe.


G Suite migration at the biggest and quickly growing Czech company specialising in online marketing to improve workflow, simplify processes and free the capacity for core business.
Google Cloud Platform migration of a worldwide operating financial app to improve it's stability, scalability and making IT infrastructure more independent while maintaining the highest security standards.



Why work with us?

Revolgy G Suite Implementation is our flagship service, which has been tested by more than 1,500 of companies in Central and Eastern Europe. We not only deploy G Suite, but we also provide highest quality, complete change management, employee training and 24/7 support. 



Whether it is migration of your data from Exchange, Lotus Notes, Sharepoint or Linux server, our experts will take care of that for you.


We will integrate G Suite into your current structure and configure it according to your needs.


App Script is an extremely efficient process automation that enables us to improve G Suite in ways that would seem impossible to others.

Change Management

We provide high quality complete change management. Not only will we prepare your employees for the change, we will inspire them!


We will make sure that your employees understand the added value and can use the full potential of G Suite to improve their productivity.

24/7 Support

We will make sure that G Suite never lets you down. Our support team is there for you 24/7.


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Interested in how you can propel your business with G Suite? 

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