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DevOps and SREs are the new Linux Admins. But what the heck does this mean?

You have probably heard these buzzwords already. With the current boom in cloud computing, the “Linux admins” are going out of fashion and “DevOps Engineers” and “SRE specialists” ...
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Debugging kube-dns and using FQDNs

Last week one of our clients started getting a lot of application errors after they migrated their main service to Google Kubernetes Engine. Quickly they found kube-dns is logging ...
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LetsEncrypt Tomcat on Windows

This article describes the creation and setup of a certificate for HTTPS on a Tomcat server running on Windows. Its purpose isn't to present every possible option, but the ...
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Continuous integration Continuous integration (CI) is the process of automatically building and testing your software on a regular basis. How regularly this occurs varies. In the ...
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