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The past few weeks have been really tough for all of us so I’d like to start this message by sending my best wishes to you and your loved ones. 
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Home Office - slacking off or a real productivity booster?

In recent years, work flexibility has become a widely discussed theme. Some of the buzzwords you’re likely to hear include “telecommuting”, “home office”, and “flexible working ...
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Michal Šimon: I feel that cloud-native is just another buzzword

I first heard about Michal Šimon (Founder and CEO of from my friends in Ostrava. Some of them went to elementary school with him. They all admired Michal’s lovely ...
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Jennifer Strejevitch: Containers will be mainstream!

I've met with Jennifer Strejevitch at the co-working space HubHub in the centre of Prague. She is one of the very few women who lectured at the Cloud Native Meetup which I help to ...
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How to: Automated Long-term Cloud SQL backups  Step by step guide

A solution for automating Cloud SQL backups through GCP technologies leaning as close to fully managed as possible. There are a few ways to implement this solution. In this ...
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The cloud or on-premises? How Czech companies approach their IT infrastructure

In 2019 we asked our clients and other Czech companies whether and how they use cloud solutions. Do companies still perceive the cloud as a threat, or is cloud security an asset ...
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