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How the biggest educational alliance in the Czech Republic underwent a complete digital transformation to unify their IT systems, increase security, and innovate their teaching methods.

EDUA Group is the biggest private educational alliance in the Czech Republic. It consists of different educational organizations such as language schools, coaching, and professional training companies. They all share the common aim of building a smarter future for businesses and individuals. All the organizations put a strong emphasis on innovation in education.

Centrally managed infrastructure with independence for each group member

Due to the nature of the group, where every company and organization is a fully independent operating entity, some challenges regarding information flow started to arise. There was a deep need for unifying the IT platform. It was crucial to guarantee the secure sharing of documents, company data, and client information within the group as well as with external teachers and trainers. EDUA needed an innovative, cloud-based solution that would also enable them to incorporate other technologies via remote desktops.

“Our aim was to improve communication between companies while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), achieving a quick return on investment (ROI) as well as moving from CAPEX to OPEX wherever it makes sense financially, and in doing so, strengthening our business.”

Michael Horovič – CIO, EDUA Group

“The biggest challenge for this project was the tremendous number of different requirements of the different companies within EDUA Group that all had to be taken into account. We needed to find a solution that would fit everyone perfectly.”

Jakub Jan Kučera – Project Manager, Revolgy

Moving to the cloud

After consulting with Revolgy, the company's management decided to move some of its servers to Google Cloud Platform and unify their communication & collaboration tools by deploying Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) & Chrome devices.

Incorporating cloud technologies allows the company to store their data in compliance with the highest security standards and provides them with a storage solution that will keep up with the company's growth.


“Implementing GCP and Google Workspace as well as outsourcing most day-to-day operations and maintenance work to Revolgy significantly lightened our IT operations and helped us achieve much better cost-efficiency. The TCO of running the entire infrastructure has decreased rapidly.”

Michael Horovič – CIO, EDUA Group

With the implementation of Google Workspace and Google Chrome devices, the company now has one centrally managed solution for communication and real-time collaboration which allows them to undergo a true agile transformation. They exchanged piles of emails for simple chats on Hangouts. Storing files on Google Drive brought multiple benefits, too: it significantly improved the security of shared documents, allowed for remote access from any device, and eliminated the need to send huge email attachments. Now, they can simply add a link to a file on Google Drive, where everything is easy to find.

Change resistance is a myth

In order to ensure a seamless transition, we took care of overall change management. Our philosophy puts a strong emphasis not only on technical excellence but also on the human aspect of every project. New technology can appear confusing at first, and people have a natural tendency to resist things they don't fully understand. We made sure that every employee understood the added value of the product and knew how to apply its functions to make their everyday work easier. Thanks to the methodology developed with change management specialists from Google, we ensured that EDUA’s members were not only ready for the change but were excited about it.

We provided their team with thorough training guidance, guidelines, all necessary documentation, and tons of inspiration on how to make their everyday work easier with modern technologies. We will also provide long-term management of their Google Workspace accounts. EDUA uses Revolgy's Premium Support service, which guarantees that their queries and issues are given the highest priority at all times.


“The Revolgy team did a very professional job. Unlike other partners, they did not just focus on the technical implementation but they also put a great emphasis on communication and change management. These areas are often neglected in IT projects. Thanks to change management that we were able to undergo a true IT revolution in an incredibly short time.”

Michael Horovic – CIO, EDUA Group

A true digital transformation

By implementing Google technologies, EDUA Group has launched a true digital revolution at their organization. They are now equipped with a set of agile tools and can work from any location and any device without being limited by the walls of their offices.

With Google Cloud Platform, they are no longer concerned with security issues, and they have a centrally managed, scalable platform that will grow with the company. Due to the academic nature of the organization, there was a strong emphasis on the solutions provided being innovative and very professional. Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace have not only met but exceeded these expectations.