Revolgy joined the portfolio of Sandberg Capital



We're coming to you with some exciting news. Revolgy has a new investor. Sandberg Capital has gained 35% equity stake in our company. It's a huge success for us and a reason to celebrate. And above all, it's proof that our strategy works and we have the trust of both our clients and our investors.

But what does it mean for you as our client?

As of now, nothing changes for you. You can look forward to seeing an expanded and improved offering of our services. We'll let you know about all the updates soon.

The original management of the company as you know it hasn't changed. Miroslav Vlasák (CEO) and Bohuslav Dohnal (Founder) will still lead the company.

"Revolgy Business Solutions is a Czech leader in providing digital transformation services through cloud infrastructure and online communication tools in the B2B segment. We believe that this area of ​​business has huge growth potential and our investment group plans to focus on it more deeply. The team's commitment and more than 20 years of experience have confirmed that they’re an innovator in their segment. This is also proved by the fact that Revolgy has become a strategic partner for Google and Amazon Web Services.” - said Jakub Krajčovič

This information was recently made public in the media, but we still wanted to let you know personally.

We truly believe that this is a positive change that will bring all of us many new opportunities for business and cooperation

We believe that this partnership will allow us to become even more ambitious about innovations in the corporate IT and cloud technology market. It’s a positive change that should bring new opportunities for cooperation to all of us.

Who is Sandberg Capital?

Sandberg Capital is a management company that focuses on investing in small and medium-sized companies across Central and Eastern Europe. It currently manages over 150 million euros in assets in its portfolio. It carries out its activities with the permission of the National Bank of Slovakia to create and manage domestic and foreign alternatives to investment funds. The company's portfolio currently includes investments in IT, agriculture, telecommunications, education and retail.