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The National Development Bank (in the Czech language the "Národní Rozvojová Banka" - "NRB") is the national development bank of the Czech Republic. This company is focused mainly on providing a repayable form of support for small and medium-sized companies. Recently, it has also played an increasingly important role in the field of infrastructure development of the Czech Republic relating to global events in 2020. The bank’s market position is very specific - it’s a state owned bank that complements the offer of commercial banks.

The activities of the NRB group are constantly increasing, so the bank is successfully investing in digitalisation because in the future it can be fully paperless and respond to current trends not only in the field of technology  but also in the services provided. One of the important goals  is to offer a stable partnership to Czech businessmen and to provide professional, fast and administratively easy communication. An important step for successful digitalisation is also the implementation of modern tools for effective online collaboration across the entire bank. NRB chosen Google and the Google Workspace product for their teams.

Public procurement and the involvement of commercial providers was a step in the right direction

The cooperation between the NRB and Revolgy began in 2016. However, a significant step was the success in the public procurement that Revolgy won in 2020. The NRB had tried several in-house solutions for online collaboration and digitalisation of processes, but these did not meet the current requirements for security and remote working, which also became very relevant due to the pandemic. The teams used Slack or WhatsApp for internal communication, but the bank also had experience with Outlook or Microsoft Exchange solutions, which were costly and inflexible.

The teams at the NRB spent 3 months preparing the implementation. The technical and security requirements for change that NRB has as a bank were mainly handled through their internal IT team with Revolgy as a consultant on an as-needed basis. The transition to the new technology was smooth, even though it was a complex combination of legacy systems.

“Everything went incredibly smoothly, just like a walk through a rose garden.”

Petr Miškovský - IT department, NRB

Implementing change through internal ambassadors and change management

At Revolgy, we focus not only on the technical side of the transition to Google Workspace, but above all on the customer's employees. We want the change to excite everyone and run smoothly in the company. Revolgy has a team of experts who specialize specifically in Google Workspace tools and their implementation. To ensure the successful adoption of the tool (to increase successful usage), we applied the so-called change management method in the project, where we guide future users through the change, helping them both technically and "humanly" process everything new, allay fears of switching to the new tool and, most importantly, ensure smooth functioning and user-friendliness. To do this, together with the team at the NRB, we have used a detailed communication plan that has been built and implemented so that all staff always know in good time what to expect, what we need from them, or who to contact with questions or requests for help.

In the implementation project, we migrated all the data from the existing solution to the new one (i.e. we transferred emails, calendars, contacts, data and documents on private and shared storage). At the same time, we provided admin training, technical support, training for end users, i.e. a "layman's" introduction to the tool and how to use it, so that everyone was ready to start working in Google Workspace as soon as possible after the migration. The NRB also received a comprehensive set of user interface documents, which were tutorials, tips and tricks, etc., so that employees could refer back to them at any time and look up what they needed.

"Revolgy was also helpful as an internal communications advocate, you directed us and your work was done well. Together we found solutions to special requests that employees had.”

Michal Pluta - Communications Director, NRB

NRB employees were very actively involved in the implementation of the new tool, filming two internal communication videos featuring, for example, members of the Board of Directors to ensure a smooth transition for the internal teams. They have thus created internal ambassadors who are key to a successful change. The first department to migrate to Google Workspace was the IT department. Then early adopters, ambassadors and the board of directors joined. At the end of the project, so did the rest of the bank.

“The new Google Workspace solution has made our internal communication easier and faster, thanks to chat, Meet and also the Google Currents social network. Now it is no longer a problem to hold a meeting for one entire bank department of almost 100 people.

Michal Pluta - Communications Director, NRB

Mass video meetings are one of the great advantages of Google Workspace, the company can open up to all employees through Google Meet, breaking down the imaginary barriers of floors and departments. The secure social network Currents allows you to share important moments or substitute the company intranet.

"The change has also resulted in easier communication with customers from a mobile phone, even when an employee has already switched off their work computer and needs to deal with an email.”

Petr Miškovský - IT department, NRB

Collaboration with company documents is now fully online, without attachments, secure and available anytime and anywhere.

But Google Workspace is not just an administrative solution. The big benefits include saving time for all employees and increasing their involvement in management or cross-departmental activities.

"We can finally work together, employees have caught on, we can see each other and there has been a huge shift forward for many people.”

Marie Lafantová - spokeperson, NRB

One step closer to a fully digital bank

"At Revolgy, we've converted thousands of businesses to Google and everyone who has made the transition is happy now. After the transition itself, which everyone is naturally a little bit scared of, the employees of NRB got used to the new tool and within a week or two they are working comfortably in the new environment.”

Jan Jakub Kučera - Google Workspace Team Leader, Revolgy

Changing processes and the company's perception of technology is a complicated procedure. But with a good partner, it can be done basically over a weekend. NRB is a great example of this, as the final change and migration to the new service of the remaining 200 or so employees took place in just one weekend. The technical teams of Revolgy and NRB were very well prepared for this event and the migration went smoothly.

“We can definitely recommend you. In terms of communications and setting up the migration, it was an ideal process.”

Michal Pluta - Communications Director, NRB

But the adoption of Google Workspace is not the end of the story.

“We want to continue in the cloud technology and its usage. Digitalisation and elimination of paper applications and processes is in our corporate strategy and we believe we are heading in the right direction.”

Petr Miškovský - IT department, NRB