Transfer of your AWS account

    Your AWS cloud platform with easy invoicing, access to cloud experts and extensive know-how.

    Steps needed to transfer your AWS account:

    1. Electronic agreement

    Once we agree to support you in our capacity as an AWS advanced consulting partner we can commence with the transfer with these simple steps:


    1. We will share with you our standard AWS Agreement via PandaDoc.

    2. We will ask you for:

    • company details
    • billing details
    • preferred payment option
    • preferred currency
    • AWS Account ID

    3. Everything is completed and signed digitally.

    2. Technical steps

    Your Account Manager will guide you through these technical steps:


    Steps by customer:

    1. Disable MFA authentication if it is set up (It will be just for a short time)
    2. Provide AWS root email and password by an encrypted communication channel to Revolgy contact person

    Steps by Revolgy:

    1. Enable CloudTrail (to log all account activities)
    2. Create IAM user with BillingAdministrator policy for Revolgy
    3. Change payment method
    4. Change the root email, change password and create MFA
    5. Revolgy will keep the password
    6. Customer will keep MFA Authentication code as a safety measure

    3. Onboarding

    Account creation is matter of minutes. But we want you to really understand it and be able to use it to its fullest. Our team will guide you through setting up the AWS account and also setting up your account in our customer portal MyServices:


    1. You will get access to our Customer MyServices Portal

    2. We will show you how to use support

    3. Together with your dedicated Customer Success Manager you will transfer your current projects under the new billing account."