AWS MAP program

    Start right with AWS. Make sure you get the highest incentives and best possible infrastructure setup for your project.  


    AWS MAP service by revolgy

    AWS Migration competency allows the Revolgy team to guide you through the Migration Acceleration Program and start using AWS quickly, but more importantly, with fully operational infrastructure ready for future workloads.

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    Assesment & Build

    Switch to AWS with full confidence thanks to the AWS-made program for successful migration.

    1. AWS migration readiness assessment

    We’ll do a comprehensive assessment, including a thorough and holistic analysis and documentation of your cloud migration needs. You’ll get a full overview of your current state and plan on how to migrate all resources on AWS while keeping everything running.

    2. Mobilize with a migration plan

    We’ll propose a clear migration plan with an operational foundation for your migration, aiming to fix the capability gaps identified in the assessment phase. The migration plan is tailored to the customer’s specific requirements, including naming the AWS migration tools needed.

    3. Build & Modernize

    We’ll execute the migration plan created in the Mobilize phase. As an AWS migration partner, we are able to perform migrations of any scale with a focus on infrastructure maintainability, handover, and mentoring the customer’s team.

    Your success is our mission

    “Choosing the right way was a challenge and the implementation was successful mostly thanks to the Revolgy team’s expertise with AWS platform.”

    Jan Sameš CTO, Innogy
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    AWS MAP Partner

    The benefits of joining forces with an AWS partner are not only in the technical expertise but also in providing the best possible incentives for the migration or usage of AWS services. This includes ongoing support that our team can provide throughout the next months. You can only gain from these partner benefits.

    AWS MAP Funding

    Maximize the AWS funding opportunities that can provide you with huge starting benefits to get you onto the AWS infrastructure. It can be up to 50% of the costs or in the form of AWS MAP credits for your future spending.

    What funding you can get?

    Well-architected review

    As an AWS partner with the Well-Architected review competency, we can help you achieve the best performance in all six pillars as described by AWS — to build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for a variety of applications and workloads.

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