Why have a partner with Work Transformation Specialization from Google


Businesses worldwide are progressively transitioning towards cloud-based solutions to streamline operations, optimize costs, scale, and innovate. Partnering with certified specialists on this journey can offer indispensable support — particularly if this partner holds Google’s Work Transformation Specialization. Curious to find out why? Read on!

Driving successful digital transformation for clients

The Work Transformation Specialization is part of Google’s Partner Advantage Program and recognizes partners who demonstrate significant success in driving digital transformation for their clients using Google Workspace. Revolgy has been transforming its customers’ businesses for more than ten years in a row.

Certified partners focus on implementing Google Workspace tools and changing how organizations work, fostering better collaboration and improving productivity.

“[Work transformation] specialization signals to customers and our sales teams that partners bring a deeper level of commitment and an unrivaled set of skills to the market.” — says Google

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Why Revolgy should be your go-to partner for Google Workspace

  • Expert knowledge and skills: As a certified partner, we have in-depth knowledge and proficiency in implementing Google Workspace. We’ve passed rigorous assessments and earned certifications that demonstrate our expertise. We can help your business get the most out of Google Workspace’s collaboration and productivity tools, ensuring you leverage their full potential.

Your security is one of our top priorities. Your security is one of our top priorities. During a security audit, we’ll pinpoint vulnerabilities in your Google Workspace environment, offer best-practice solutions, and provide security training for your employees to enhance your cyber security further.

  • Tailored strategy: Every organization has unique needs. As a specialized partner, we understand this and can develop tailored strategies for your business. We take the time to understand your business processes, challenges, and goals and use this information to implement a solution that meets your specific needs.

For example, did you know that Google Workspace currently offers 12 different plans, including some that are not publicly accessible? Based on your initial assessment, we’ll identify the license plan that best suits your business requirements, ensuring you receive the appropriate features at the right price.

We’ll also offer you custom add-on solutions that make your environment fit your business needs better.

  • Change management: Implementing new technologies is one thing, but driving user adoption is another. As a Work Transformation Specialist, we have the skills and expertise to guide your organization through this change. We will provide training and support to your team, ensuring they understand how to use the new tools effectively and comfortably.
  • Continuous support: We stay committed to the success of your organization beyond the initial implementation phase. We provide ongoing support, helping you resolve any issues and adapt to changing needs and trends.
  • Proven track record: Google doesn’t just give specializations to anyone. Partners who earn the Work Transformation Specialization have a proven track record of successful deployments — they have demonstrated their ability to drive significant change for organizations, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and business processes.

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Choosing a partner with Google’s Work Transformation Specialization in a rapidly evolving digital landscape can be a game-changer. Revolgy, with its extensive experience and expertise in implementing cloud solutions, ensures a customized approach to meet your business needs. From security and tailored strategies to ongoing support, you’ll set your business on a path to increased efficiency, collaboration, and success.

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