Revolgy is the AWS Consulting partner of the year


We have some wonderful news to share. Revolgy team received a top award - we are now Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner of the Year in the CEE region. What a blast!

“We’re thrilled to be recognised as the APN Consulting Partner of the Year in the CEE region. Our thanks go to the Revolgy team and our customers. Our internal team has a deep knowledge of the platform proven by several certificates and thousands of happy customers around Europe.

Miroslav Vlasák, CEO at Revolgy


What is the award about and why did AWS honor us?

Each year Amazon Web Services (AWS) recognizes partners who play key roles in driving innovation and building solutions on AWS for customers. The winner is chosen due to a range of factors - including proven technical expertise and customer success, revenue contribution and certifications.

Revolgy has been an AWS Partner since June 2018, and together with AWS we helped many companies to transform their infrastructure and “get comfy” in the cloud. You can find our footprint all around the southern Balkan region up to the north Baltics states.


What companies did we help and how?

We helped Purple Technology to migrate all of their microservices from the previous solution to Docker containers and Kubernetes (EKS). We also integrated CI/CD to their new Kubernetes-based platform on AWS using GitHub and CircleCI pipeline, adding helm to the game. It all took less than 3 months.

Security system company Jablotron has experienced a real culture shift thanks to Revolgy and AWS. Their people's mindset have changed and they are now able to plan infrastructure strategy for the next years with a top notch technology that is still on budget and with efficiency.

„We see Revolgy as a key long-term partner for the AWS platform. Personally, I appreciate the mutual cooperation and how they jumped into it and accepted our open culture without any hesitation."

Ladislav Novák, CTO at Jablotron Cloud Services

But our journey is not just about customers' successes. It is also about our enthusiasm into cloud-native technologies and sharing knowledge about cloud-native philosophy at conferences and meetups around the CEE region.


The crucial part of this win is also our people. The team of cloud engineers, architects and sales guys who are constantly working with AWS tech stack and making our customers happy while educating themselves. Thank you, folks!

Thank you AWS team for this award, we are really honored! 🧡

Revolgy team.