How to avoid vendor lock-in and become cloud-native within 3 months

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Docker, Kubernetes, Helm


The need

Purple Technology is a Czech technology and finance expertise outsourcing company serving Forex brokers and their clients around the world.

In this field, a stable and scalable infrastructure is definitely a must. Not being a huge corporation with unlimited resources, they also needed a cost-effective solution.

As a technological company, their requirements were high. They felt that their infrastructure wasn't suiting their developers well. These guys and girls are highly-skilled developers working with modern technologies who needed to focus on the core business, not operations.

Purple Technology was already using PaaS provider solution. The provider announced that they will be doubling their its prices within 3 months. They were left locked in their solution, wanted to leave and look for a better offer from a different vendor. And we were here to help them.


The solution

We decided to migrate all of their microservices to a widely-used, cloud-native, open-source software such as Docker, Kubernetes and Helm.

This solution freed them from vendor lock-in as they can now easily switch to a different support vendor and also use other community software that allows integrations with this software.

Technical details

Purple Technology was already using GitHub + CircleCI and AWS. We managed to migrate all of their microservices from the previous solution to Docker containers, Kubernetes (EKS). We also integrated CI/CD to their new Kubernetes-based platform on AWS using their GitHub and Circleci pipeline, adding helm to the game.

Their static websites were migrated to CloudFront + S3. Circleci is doing CI/CD automatically for these as well. We used Terraform to provision all the AWS resources.

We deployed monitoring, logging and alerting system in this short time frame too. We took over all the operations 24/7 with our CloudOps support.

All this took less than 3 months. In the end, they avoided being affected by the new changes in pricing.