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Optimize Kubernetes workloads

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Learn how to optimize Kubernetes workload cost & performance from our Operations team

Watch the video where we delve into practical strategies for optimizing Kubernetes workloads and reducing operational costs.

This webinar is designed for CTOs, CIOs, DevOps Teams, and technology leaders engaged in digital transformations and cloud infrastructure.

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Why you should watch the webinar

As your organization grows, so does the complexity of managing cloud resources. Kubernetes, while powerful, can often lead to significant, unforeseen expenses and management headaches. This webinar will provide you with practical insights and actionable strategies to:

  • Understand and optimize the behavior and needs of your workloads.
  • Evaluate and apply cost-effective solutions for workloads, including stateless, stateful, and batch processes.
  • Utilize third-party tools and open-source software to enhance your Kubernetes operations.

This webinar is tailored to you, whether you’re facing dev team turnovers, preparing for another funding round, or simply looking to improve performance and reduce costs.


Content & speakers!

Join our speakers – Teo Itsios, an expert in cloud solutions and Kubernetes, who focuses on infrastructure optimization, and George Vogiatsis, a specialist who ensures high availability and cost efficiency in cloud environments.

What you’ll learn:

Deep dive into Kubernetes workload optimization (20 minutes):

  • Overview of Revolgy’s approach to simplifying complex cloud operations.
  • Identifying the nature and criticality of different tasks.
  • Techniques for replication, scaling, and resource allocation.
  • Utilizing various instance provisioning types (On-demand, Spot, Reserved) to reduce expenses.
  • Introduction to tools like Karpenter, autoscaling groups, and Keda, including live demonstrations where applicable.

Summary and Q&A (10 minutes):
Recap of key points, followed by a live question and answer session with the speakers.

Theodoros Itsios (3)

Theodoros Itsios

Cloud Operations Engineer

Georgios Vogiatzis

Georgios Vogiatzis

Site Reliability Engineer