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productboard: 'Why we decided to migrate to AWS' (Webinar Recap)

Serverless solutions are a growing trend. More companies are deciding to move their IT from previous solutions (whether an on-premises datacenter or platform-as-a-service type) to ...
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Have you heard of CaaS? It's time to try it out!

Fargate service got massively cheaper. This January AWS has significantly lowered the price of Fargate service hoping to make it accessible to more users. The price is dependant ...
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Customising Virtual Machines in AWS, GCP and MS Azure

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the public cloud such as GCP or AWS is its speed. Instant access to an environment from anywhere in the world, fast setup, prebuilt ...
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Is "the CLOUD" actually in the EU and is it GDPR COMPLIANT?

You have probably heard that the Cloud is the newest, coolest and safest alternative for storing your data. What about the safety of it? Where exactly does your data go when you ...
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