Cloud Migration

Move Your Infrastructure into the Cloud.

Partially or completely.

Experienced partner for seamless move to the Cloud


The Revolgy team of certified Cloud Experts will take your current IT infrastructure and move it to Google Cloud Platform. We are able to perform migration either from on-premise to cloud or from one cloud to another.


By implementing cloud technologies you immediately gain the following benefits:

  • Pay as you go - infrastructure will no longer require upfront costs
  • Scale up & down on the go - pay only for the computing power that you actually use
  • Enterprise grade security - the Cloud providers hold the strictest industry security certifications
  • Faster innovation - when you need to run a prototype - provision the system with just a few clicks
  • Transparent billing - you know exactly what you spend your money for, down to a single cent. (or Dollar, or any other currency you prefer)

Implementation of the Cloud Step by Step:

1/ Initial Assesment

Based on the assessment, we prepare the plan for switching your systems.

2/ Mirroring Your Current Infrastructure

We create the infrastructure identical to your current one in the Cloud and move the test data and applications to it to validate full functionality.

3/ Adapting Security

We adapt your security principles for the cloud version of your infrastructure.

4/ Performance & Security Tests

At this point, we already have an identical copy of your infrastructure in the Cloud, filled with data and applications. We run performance and security test on this exact copy, to ensure that we are ready for production workloads.

5/ Migration & Switch

When the infrastructure is tested and accepted, we migrate all your current systems and their data to it. After migration, we perform the switch from previous infrastructure to the new one.

6/ Health Monitoring of One Lifecycle

To eliminate any initial hiccups, we closely monitor the new infrastructure for one lifecycle.


See how we helped companies implement cloud technologies and how it impacted their businesses



See how one of the most interesting Czech startups migrated to Google Cloud to achieve stable infrastructure. By adopting the Cloud they gained: 

  • Worldwide available service
  • A safe and transparent system
  • Clearly set infrastructure billing




The Czech branch of Delivery Hero moved from an on-premise solution with frequent outages to fully managed cloud system. Cloud Adoption helped them to:

  • decrease outages by 95%
  • gain faster time to market
  • improve scalability and cost control


Would you like to know more about how migrating to the Cloud can positively impact your business? 

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