6 signs your business is ready to migrate to the cloud


Is your on-premise IT slowing you down? While on-premise servers have served us well for decades, today’s cloud technology offers a more flexible and scalable solution. And as your company evolves, so should your IT.

Here are 5 signs it might be time to consider a move to the cloud.

1. Limited scalability

Struggling to keep up with growth? Unlike cloud solutions, on-premise infrastructure can be inflexible. You might need to invest heavily in hardware and software upfront, even if your future needs are unclear.

Cloud platforms like AWS and GCP are elastic, meaning you can easily add or remove resources as your needs change. They can even automate scaling based on pre-defined rules, so you always have the resources you need without manual intervention. And with on-demand scalability, you can quickly respond to surges in traffic or new business opportunities without waiting for lengthy hardware provisioning.

2. Struggling to keep up

Outdated technology, slow application deployment, and inefficient disaster recovery methods may be holding back your growth. Relying on aging hardware and software not only puts your business at risk of security vulnerabilities and performance issues but also slows down the deployment of new applications and updates.

Traditional disaster recovery methods on on-premise infrastructure often involve complex procedures, backups that take hours (or even days) to complete, and lengthy recovery times in case of an outage. This can lead to significant downtime, data loss, and lost revenue.

Cloud platforms allow for instant deployment, so you can quickly implement new tools and functionalities.

3. High maintenance costs and outdated infrastructure

On-premise infrastructure can be expensive! Between hardware maintenance, software licenses, and growing energy bills, it all adds up. Legacy systems require constant patching, updates, and hardware upgrades, which is consuming valuable time and money.

Cloud computing offers a much more predictable cost model. You only pay for the resources you use, eliminating the upfront investment in hardware.

If you want to make sure your infrastructure is totally bulletproof, partnering with a cloud expert like Revolgy might be the best option for your business. We offer tailor-made managed services, including performance and cost optimization, on-demand support, proactive incident and operations management, and much more.



4. Data security concerns

On-premise servers can be a tempting target for cybercriminals. While you might invest in security measures, keeping pace with evolving threats and maintaining the latest security patches can be a constant challenge for IT teams.

Cloud providers, on the other hand, make security a top priority, including encryption, compliance, access control, and others. This multi-layered approach provides a robust defense against cyberattacks.

5. Limited accessibility and collaboration

Does your business struggle with remote work or collaboration between teams in different locations? On-premise infrastructure often makes it difficult to access files and applications securely from outside the office.

Cloud-based solutions, on the other hand, allow your team to access files, applications, and data securely from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. They often integrate with collaboration tools like Google Workspace. Your team can work together on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations at the same time, making sure everyone is on the same page without having to download or send files by email.



6. Global expansion plans

On-premise servers struggle with geographical limitations, data residency regulations, and managing resources across borders.

Cloud providers offer data centers strategically located around the world, so you can host your applications and data regionally, ensuring compliance with local regulations and optimal performance for your international audience. Plus, the cloud provides a centralized platform for managing all your resources, regardless of their physical location.

And, of course, we can’t forget to mention easy global collaboration and scalability on demand as you enter new markets and your global footprint expands.

Are you considering a cloud migration?

If you recognize your business in these signs, a cloud migration might be the right move for you. Cloud computing offers many benefits, from increased scalability and agility to improved security and cost-efficiency.

Revolgy can help you assess your current infrastructure, develop a customized cloud migration strategy, and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Contact us to discuss your cloud migration journey!

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