Level up your cloud control with support, monitoring & incident response for Google & AWS


Maintaining a smooth-running infrastructure is crucial for any business, but let’s face it, managing it all internally can be overwhelming. Revolgy offers three tiers of cloud support to tackle every issue you might encounter on your journey through the cloud.

Our L1, L2, and L3 support are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Each level offers distinct advantages to optimize your cloud experience, from basic incident response to proactive management.


Essential Cloud Support for quick fixes

Ideal for: Immediate assistance with critical production problems.
Think of L1 as your immediate first-aid kit. When minor outages strike, or you want to optimize performance, our L1 support provides prompt assistance within 15 minutes of submitting a ticket. Our experienced cloud engineers tackle critical issues around the clock, ensuring your operations stay on track.

Main benefits:

  • 24/7 response SLA with just 15 minutes for high-severity issues
  • Access to Google and AWS support engineers
  • Affordable basic support for peace of mind

Imagine you run a popular online learning platform when it experiences sudden performance issues during a live webinar with thousands of students attending. Lag, disconnects, and buffering videos disrupt the learning experience, potentially impacting student engagement and course completion rates.

The initial analysis identifies high resource utilization across multiple virtual machines (VMs), so the L1 support engineers quickly restart impacted VMs, temporarily alleviating the issue and restoring basic functionality within minutes.

Informed Support On-call if you need more than just quick fixes

Ideal for: Businesses seeking deeper understanding and proactive support beyond basic incident resolution.

Think of the so-called L2 support as the “deep dive” support. Instead of just reacting to issues, L2 engineers invest upfront time to document and understand your infrastructure in-depth, gaining valuable insights and shared permissions. This proactive approach ensures swift and informed responses when incidents occur.


  • Faster response due to in-depth infrastructure knowledge
  • Proactive problem identification and prevention
  • Access to expert advice and future-proof solutions

Remember our online learning platform example? After the initial fix, L2 investigates the root cause. They analyze resource usage patterns and identify inefficient configurations within specific VMs, leading to higher resource consumption. Next, L2 collaborates with platform developers to optimize VM configurations and automate resource allocation based on anticipated user load. They also implement proactive monitoring to identify potential performance bottlenecks before they impact users.

Proactive Incident and Operations Management

Ideal for: Businesses prioritizing complete peace of mind and optimal infrastructure performance.

Our L3 support is your comprehensive safety net, taking complete ownership of your cloud infrastructure while aligning it with your unique goals.


  • Comprehensive incident management with 24/7 support
  • Proactive operations management for optimization and security
  • Robust monitoring, alerting, and logging system
  • Regular architecture reviews and recommendations

While L2 works on optimization, L3 takes a preventive approach to the problem. They analyze historical usage data and identify potential security vulnerabilities or malicious activity that could contribute to performance issues.

An L3 engineer will implement advanced security measures like intrusion detection and automated patching. They also conduct penetration testing to identify and address potential security weaknesses.

Think of us as your cloud insurance — we handle everything from minor hiccups to complex incidents, even involving direct escalation to vendor engineers.