Revolgy hiring process revealed


Hi, my name is Berna. I work as Talent Acquisition Associate at Revolgy and I am responsible for hiring. Your future is in the cloud and you’ve decided to join the Revolgy team to get there. But you don’t know how the Revolgy hiring process works, or what to expect on this hiring journey? I got your back.
Revolgy hiring process is designed to give you a wonderful candidate experience. We strive to introduce you to as many people as possible, and give both sides a lot of time to carefully consider whether this is a perfect fit.

Let’s go through all the hiring stages and help you understand the purpose hiding behind each of the steps ⬇️

1. Screening Call with Berna from People Success team

This call is a 30-minute-long preliminary interview done via video chat or over a phone call. Purpose of this call is to gather basic information, to understand your values and your motivation to join Revolgy, and to ensure the expectations of both sides.

Why is it a part of our hiring process?

We HR professionals are trained and experienced in people management. Therefore, we can easily recognize soft skills such as communication and problem-solving skills, motivation, patience, positivity, and honesty. We use this interview to assess your soft skills and to see if your profile fits the company’s needs.

2. Meet your future Team Lead

This is a 45-minute-long meeting that takes place via video chat. Purpose of this meeting is to bring you together with your future team lead, and to see if there is an opportunity for possible cooperation. We give you space to introduce yourself, and to describe your experiences and expectations. The team leader introduces the team dynamics and the position. This introduction is followed by questions about your background, technical skills and your career goals.

Why is it a part of our hiring process?

In this step, we assess whether you have the expected competencies for the job and whether you can bring value to the team. We want to see if your background really fits the position, and if you have the potential and real interest in it. Once again, we confirm your expectations, and we start to design a way how we can support you on your career path.

3. Work on a case study and have a call with your future team

Who wouldn’t want to meet their future colleagues and see if there is any chemistry in between? This is the right time to do that. First, we send out a case study for you to demonstrate your experiences and expertise. Second, we expect a short presentation of your case study on a team call. This one-hour meeting takes place via video chat. Besides the presentation, you will have plenty of time to chit-chat and get to know each other with your future teammates.

(PS. Some teams might prefer to go for a technical hard-skill assessment directly on the team call rather than a case study)

Why is it a part of our hiring process?

With the case study, we would like to see the way you think, and we want to see your relevant skills in practice. With the team call, we evaluate if you can bring relevant business/technical knowledge into the mix, and help the team grow.

4. Fill out a Gallup Test

Gallup Test (aka CliftonStrengths) is an online personality-assessment tool. It has been developed by the Gallup Institute over decades, and improved until the methodology worked perfectly.

The test consists of 177 paired statements. You get 20 seconds for each of them and in that time you have to choose the one that best describes you. This time limit is ensuring the accuracy of the assessment, and preventing your results from being conscious and biased.

The test uncovers your talents related to strategic thinking, relationship building, influencing, and executing. Results describe what you naturally do best and what you might need help with from others to accomplish.

Why is it a part of our hiring process?

Reason #1: Your report helps us to understand what you can bring to the table. Every Revolgian has a Gallup report, and every team has a Gallup team matrix. We would like to balance out the talents in our teams so that we have everything covered. Your weakness might be your teammate’s strength, and that’s where teamwork steps in.

Reason #2: We provide you with mentorship upon your arrival. During your employment at Revolgy, you’ll regularly have mentorship sessions. We’ll help you maximize your strengths, understand how you can best contribute to your team as well as help you improve your weaknesses.

5. Virtual coffee with our CEO, Mirek

If he's available, Revolgy CEO Miroslav Vlasák wants to meet all the candidates, and have a chat with them. This 20-minute call can take place via video chat, or be a face-to-face meeting at a café. Purpose of the meeting is to tell you more about our mission and vision, about our mindset and about where the company is heading.

Why is it a part of our hiring process?

This step can be considered as the beginning of onboarding. It will excite you, and provide you with a high-level overview of the company.


We hope to see you join us on this journey. Check our open positions, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am happy about the interest of all candidates and strive to provide feedback as quickly as possible.