Why we ditched traditional hiring interviews


We’ve all been there — the long, tedious hiring interviews that feel more like an interrogation than a conversation. At Revolgy, we knew there had to be a better way. So, we threw out the old playbook and created a hiring process that’s as dynamic and engaging as the people we want to bring on board.

The problem with traditional hiring

Traditional hiring often falls short in several areas.

First of all, traditional interviews often focus too much on technical skills and past experience, giving us only a narrow view of candidates. This approach misses out on important soft skills that are essential for success in any role and often fails to assess whether a candidate’s mindset and values align with the company’s culture, leading to potential mismatches.

Job titles like “Project Manager” can have very different day-to-day responsibilities depending on the company. This means that a candidate might be confident in their understanding of a role at their current job, but our expectations for the same role could be quite different. This gap can lead to misunderstandings and, ultimately, hiring decisions that don’t work out for either party.

Finally, let’s face it — these interviews can be boring and predictable, taking the excitement out of the process for both candidates and interviewers.

Our approach to hiring

At Revolgy, we used to have five steps within the hiring process, but in order to streamline it, we’ve cut the process from five steps to just two:

1. HR screening call

During this call, we present candidates with puzzles tailored to the role they are applying for, such as reading diagrams and graphs, finding connections, and analyzing processes. These exercises allow us to evaluate multiple skills simultaneously, including problem-solving, lateral thinking, verbal reasoning, initiative, listening skills, non-verbal communication, time management, and many more.

2. Hiring team call

In this phase, we assess candidates’ technical knowledge and soft skills through real-time problem-solving exercises. This deeper dive helps us see how they think on their feet and apply their knowledge and soft skills in practical situations.

This call also gives candidates the chance to meet their potential team leader and colleagues, and ask any questions they have about the role, team, or our company. It’s an open and interactive session that helps both sides get to know each other better.

Why mindset matters more than skills

Here at Revolgy, we believe hard skills can be taught, but the right attitude, mindset, and initiative are harder to instill. We want team members who are problem solvers, take initiative, and can tackle challenges creatively. Quick learners with the right mindset are more adaptable and can pick up new skills effectively, ensuring they contribute positively to our team dynamic from day one.

Benefits for candidates

Based on our observations in the following months after implementing our live exercises, we found that most candidates enjoy the process more than traditional interviews. The engaging exercises make the experience more interactive and less monotonous, helping to alleviate the nerves that often accompany standard Q&A interviews. Our live exercises test problem-solving skills in real time, giving people a chance to show what they are capable of, regardless of whether they have experience in the exact same role.

“We’ve turned our hiring process into a fun and interactive experience, helping candidates show their real potential without the usual interview stress. At Revolgy, we’re all about finding people with the right skills and mindset to grow with us rather than just filling roles. Our goal is to build a highly effective team together.”

– Berna Karataş, Employee Experience Manager, Revolgy

We believe that if candidates have the right mindset and are willing to learn, their fresh perspectives will help us grow. In return, we help them grow professionally. Overall, we feel candidates seem to be able to ditch interview nerves better with these engaging puzzles, allowing them to demonstrate their true potential.

Benefits for Revolgy

For our team, this innovative approach means we find people who not only can do the job but will thrive in our environment. This method has helped us save on operational hiring costs and reduce the workload around administrative hiring tasks. By streamlining the process and focusing on key competencies and cultural fit, we save time and resources, ensuring we bring in the best talent efficiently while aiming to provide the best candidate experience.

Stay tuned for more insights

By finetuning our hiring process and embracing a more holistic approach, we’re not just filling positions — we’re building a team that’s cohesive, dynamic, and ready to take on future challenges together. This transformation has set a new standard in our hiring practices, ultimately contributing to the long-term success and growth of our company.

We’ll be sharing more detailed posts about the transformation of our hiring process and its benefits to both HR professionals and candidates, how it supports long-term development, and drives our company forward. Stay tuned for more insights and behind-the-scenes looks at our innovative hiring journey!

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