Revolgy Team Building 2022


When you ask Revolgians “What is the best part of working at Revolgy?”, the first answer you get is “people”.  People here are not just experts in their fields, but also great human beings. Despite our remote-first culture, we share deep connections with each other, and we are close friends. However, most of the year we only see each other behind screens. That’s why, when we get to see each other in real life, we're getting into the festive mood 🥳

This year, we celebrated getting back together in the beautiful nature of Rejčkov (Czech Republic). We were surrounded by forests, meadows, and ponds. There was no mobile signal, but lots of conversations, laughter, positive vibes, and memories ❤️ We spent 3 days strengthening our bonds, having fun, enjoying nature, and having a mental break.

Frame 7 Frame 3

Revolgians’ expectations were quite simple: “to see colleagues and have a good time”. But “service exceeding expectations” being one of our core company values, the People Success team couldn’t just leave it there. Based on the feedback gathered after our team building last year, this time the team has prepared an eventful agenda. It was a great combination of fun activities, workshops and training, and leisure time.

Frame 2 Frame 4We relaxed and enhanced our social relations through a dance workshop, an evening with a DJ, a sauna, and great food. We also had an interactive soft skill workshop which would help our team work better in harmony. On top of that, we had mental health, cancer prevention and movement workshops, because the well-being of Revolgians comes first.

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During our leisure time, besides sweating off at the tennis court, playground, and beach volleyball court, we also enjoyed biking and hiking. The whole event was a real “people success”, and Revolgians must agree, as they have already started to ask "When is the next team building event?" 🤩

After all, the best thing about an offsite gathering is that you get to see your colleagues in person. And you feel a connection with them. You realize we care and are here for each other. 

We are already looking forward to our next team building!  Frame 8 Frame 11

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