A modern cloud tune-up for music company Kytary.cz



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Music instrument retailer


Google Workspace


Kytary.cz, a Czech musical instrument retailer, struggled with outdated IT infrastructure and a lack of transparency in the working environment. Together with Revolgy, they implemented Google Workspace, which allowed them to streamline its communication and collaboration processes.

Getting rid of old, obscure tools and shadow IT

The challenge was transitioning the company to a more secure and organized system while respecting its unique working culture. The company needed a partner to help them implement modern IT solutions and address their shadow IT problems — they chose Revolgy for the transition, thanks to our personalized approach and expertise.

“We approached three companies that could facilitate our migration to the cloud, and Revolgy had the best know-how and experience to guide us through the process. They supplied us with well-prepared documents and supported us where needed.”

Jiří Budinský — Chief IT, Kytary.cz

Kytary.cz was exposed to shadow IT — employees used various unmanaged communication channels to share company data, including third-party applications like personal emails and Skype. Shadow IT posed security risks, with fragmented communication channels and a lack of unification in the working environment.

“Before GWS, the way we worked was very much all over the place. We used personal emails and Skype accounts to share documents and company data. How we worked together partially posed a security risk, and Revolgy introduced a modern and secure solution.”

Jiří Budinský — Chief IT, Kytary.cz

Moving to GWS eliminated security leaks as all communication moved behind the environment’s protective wall. For example, GWS simplified the creation of budget forecasts as team members can now work in a single, shared document in real-time without making copies and sending them to each other via email or other unsecured communication channels.

Revolgy conducted workshops with clear agendas, provided guidance throughout the process, and explained the impact of individual steps on the company’s operations. This allowed Kytary.cz to build trust in Revolgy and better understand the benefits of proposed changes.

“I’m thrilled that with my colleagues already on Google Workspace, getting something done in a matter of minutes, but it has also forced me to block out time in my calendar to work independently and also to focus more — I check emails once every hour now, not every time they pop up — and I’m able to focus better that way. And my favorite feature is the snooze function — it ensures I get important emails processed even if I can’t do it right away.”

Jiří Budinský — Chief IT, Kytary.cz

A migration project respecting Kytary.cz’s unique company culture

Kytary.cz and Revolgy implemented Google Workspace, allowing the company to streamline its communication and collaboration processes. Revolgy provided technical support, including migration and training workshops for the IT team.

Revolgy is a skilled partner in providing change management; however, due to the unique culture of Kytary.cz, the company decided to take things into its own hands and drive the change internally. They created learning resources and videos to help employees understand and embrace the new working environment. This allowed the company to maintain its culture while adapting to the changes.

Kytary.cz organized video sessions to help the team transition to GWS     

Consulting Revolgy, Kytary.cz launched an internal migration project website and set up help groups for mutual advice to link everything seamlessly. The use of shared documents and calendars has surged, reducing emails, and their internal site has evolved into an intranet, streamlining and simplifying communication across the company.

“Working with Kytary.cz, a company with a unique and vibrant culture, was a truly enriching experience. Together, we embraced the cloud migration challenge and turned initial skepticism into a successful digital transformation. The result? An innovative IT solution that fits perfectly with their dynamic business model.”

Jakub Jan Kučera — Revolgy Google Workspace Team Lead

Kytary.cz successfully redefined its IT landscape, simplified internal communication, and strengthened its data security. Ultimately, its cloud migration is a testament to the power of fine-tuning business processes, demonstrating that even the most unconventional companies can benefit from modern IT solutions.

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