Ace Sport’s digital transformation: Embracing modern solutions of GWS



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Ace Sport, a renowned Czech custom sportswear manufacturer, embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance communication across departments and simplify company-wide email, data, and disk management.

With the help of Revolgy, the company and staff have successfully migrated to a Google Workspace environment.

Modernizing operations in response to market needs

Ace Sport explored ways to modernize its operations and become more agile in response to market demands. The company identified the need to address disjointed communication and inconsistent work processes among employees and teams, particularly regarding email management.

“Before the introduction of GWS, our working environment was fragmented. After implementing GWS, our work with documents and their accuracy and timeliness have improved. GWS is a solution that will continue to work for years to come.

Pavel Michalec — Managing Director, Ace Sport

Based on a recommendation to move to GWS, the company partnered with Revolgy, a local, reliable service provider with extensive knowledge and experience in cloud migration.

“We had considered both MS Office and GWS, but based on my experience and feedback from others, we decided to proceed with Google’s solution. Revolgy emerged as the clear choice for a dependable, local partner with excellent recommendations.”

Evžen Cekota — Ace Sport IT Expert


“The GWS implementation from Revolgy went seamlessly, marked by prompt communication and outstanding efficiency. Without hesitation, I give Revolgy a perfect score and would recommend their services to anyone seeking a smooth migration to the cloud.”

Václav Troják — Ace Sport IT Specialist

Creating a unified digital hub with GWS

Despite the relatively simple nature of the project, involving the migration of around 75 users to GWS and the implementation of a straightforward cloud solution, Revolgy’s expertise was invaluable. We provided in-person training sessions, communication guidance, and change management support to ensure a smooth transition.

A significant challenge involved staff members who previously lacked access to personal computers or devices. Many employees received company email addresses for the first time, and after the switch, they had to learn how to use email and other computer and cloud applications.

“Revolgy was recommended to us as a partner to help us seamlessly transition from our current, outdated systems to GWS. Revolgy’s support during the transition was excellent, including initial preparation, training, and online support. The transition was executed without a single issue.”

Pavel Michalec — Managing Director, Ace Sport

The company’s eagerness to switch to a cloud solution facilitated the migration. Ace Sport’s management team eagerly adopted GWS before the project’s official launch, demonstrating their commitment to embracing cloud technology as swiftly as possible.

Embracing the future with Google Workspace

Ace Sport is in the post-implementation phase and adjusting to the new GWS work environment. Their next steps involve cleaning up existing data and disks and transferring them to Google Workspace, which will serve as a unified, single source of truth for the entire company.

“We are always glad to see a company that wants to modernize its processes to offer even better customer service. We really enjoyed working on the Ace Sport project, all the way from the very first meeting to the post-implementation phase.”

Jakub Jan Kučera — Revolgy Google Workspace Team Lead

The digital transformation to GWS positions Ace Sport for continued success, with streamlined communication and modern solutions at its core.

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