Taking the step forward and migrating to AWS

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Cloud Migrate


Software development and system integration


Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic File System, ElastiCache for Redis, Amazon Aurora Master, Amazon Aurora Read Replica, App Servers


Enetel Solutions is not a typical ICT company. They offer a unique combination of business and technical consulting as well as high-quality delivery. They consult, create, and develop the product. Enetel Solutions truly believes in the transformation power of software solutions and their ability to create the highest business value. Enetels Solutions philosophy in a nutshell is - good software design comes from our great people, long term business cooperation and collaborations.


What needed to be done

Enetel Solutions wanted to migrate workloads (applications, database, storage, virtual servers) into the AWS cloud and ensure solutions availability, scalability and reliability.

“There were business goals as well, we want to modernize our solution and go global on the market with it. In the past, the solution was hosted in a partner company. We chose AWS, because we were already familiar with its advantages, ease of resource management, scalability and security.”

Saša Tepavac, Senior System Administrator at Enetel


The migration was done in a few steps. Revolgy prepared the system environment, cluster and load balancer configuration, resource policies configuration and all necessary provisioning points. Also, Revolgy provided a handover session with the Enetel Solution’s technical team and after that we performed data migration in September 2020. Right now we are also planning to migrate some AI modules in the near future.

“Collaboration between Enetel Solutions and Revolgy was fully transparent, professional and efficient. The whole migration brought an opportunity to our employees to manage systems in a more comfortable way. The system is also more reliable than before and ready to be easily expanded which is a huge benefit for our customers.”

“If we were asked to give advice to other companies considering migration to AWS we would simply tell them to take a step forward!”

Saša Tepavac, Senior System Administrator at Enetel