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Revolgy Cloud Adoption:

Cloud Foundation for Your Future Business

Automate with the most advanced cloud technologies from GCP and AWS.

Propel your IT Ops forward with:

Faster time to market

Improve your deployment pipeline to deliver new features as soon as you develop them.

Multiple releases per day

Release new version whenever you need, as many times as you need, without any outage.


Scale up and down as the traffic changes to ensure the most cost-efficient operation .

Top security

Use the most advanced solutions that are compliant with latest security legislations.


Clients, who started their their cloud journey with us:

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Related Case Studies

Learn how we helped companies implement and leverage Cloud technologies to improve the way they work. 

Group 12

Dáme Jídlo 

The Czech branch of Delivery Hero moved from an on-premise solution with frequent outages to fully managed cloud system. Cloud Adoption helped them to:

  • decrease outages by 95%
  • gain faster time to market
  • improve scalability and cost control 



See how one of the most interesting Czech startups migrated to the Cloud to achieve stable infrastructure. Their app can now operate without delays anywhere in the world. By adopting the Cloud they gained: 

  • Worldwide available service
  • Safe and transparent system
  • Clearly set infrastructure billing

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Why Work With Us?


We are experts in our field. As a certified Google Cloud Premiere Partner and AWS Partner for Cloud, we have helped more than 1,500 companies  across different industries adapt new technologies to improve the way they work. Our core business is to give you more time so that you can focus on your core business. 


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Distributed Workloads

Leverage Kubernetes clusters to achieve reliable, auto-scalable and cost-effective solutions. Kubernetes is a certified cloud-native software, standard for orchestrating containers. It is open-source and supported by all major public cloud providers and you can run it on your onpremise as well.

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Effective CI/CD

Developers no longer have to waste their time with manual integration tests and nightly releases that cause downtime and break things on the fly. Ship more features with a robust declarative CI/CD pipeline integrated with your source version control system. Deploy to dev, testing, staging, prod clusters with one click.

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DevOps Transformation

Our work does not end with just implementing the technologies and setting up processes. We know that the most important part of each system are people behind it. As moving to the cloud can sometimes mean moving to a completely new mindset as well, we are here for you to provide guidance through the process.

Interested in how cloud technologies can help your business?

Let us know and our consultants will contact you to answer all your questions. 

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