Revolgy’s recruitment achievements and highlights of 2023


TL;DR 2023 at Revolgy was great, and we achieved some pretty amazing things!

We won the top award at the Recruitment Academy Awards, launched some cool L&D initiatives, and had a fantastic off-site team-building event. Let’s take a look back at what 2023 brought along to us.

Recruitment Academy Awards

At Revolgy, finding talented individuals who share our company culture is just as important as their technical expertise. In 2023, we were recognized for our efforts when our career webpage won the “Career Webpage of the Year” at the Recruitment Academy Awards.

We want to attract passionate individuals aligned with our mission and beliefs, and thanks to this recognition, we know we’re on the right track in conveying this message.

It also highlights our commitment to providing an exceptional candidate experience from start to finish, as we want every interaction with Revolgy to be positive and informative, ensuring that potential candidates clearly understand what it’s like to be part of our team. 💪

Learning & Development initiatives

We’re proud to share two important advancements in our Learning & Development department.

👉 First, we introduced our Leadership Academy Management Training Program, a comprehensive initiative to improve essential leadership skills. The program aims to equip our current and future leaders with essential tools and insights for today’s dynamic business world.

It covers a range of critical topics, from understanding the nuances of leadership roles to mastering diverse leadership styles, effective feedback techniques, motivation, emotional intelligence, active listening, strategic questioning, performance management, and goal setting.

👉 We’re also rolling out a new performance management structure incorporating individual, role-specific KPIs, ensuring that each team member’s contributions align closely with our core business goals. With quarterly assessments utilizing standardized evaluation charts, we aim to ensure consistent and objective performance measurement and improvement across Revolgy.

These steps mark a significant stride in our commitment to fostering effective leadership and enhancing overall performance within our company.

Team building

Revolgy’s annual team-building event was a chance to escape our remote-world desks and hang out in real life. This year’s retreat near Prague was in the midst of nature, giving us the perfect setting to chill, connect, and build friendships.

The agenda was planned to balance work and fun. We started by catching up and enjoying each other’s company before getting into company strategy. Team-building games and an evening scavenger hunt brought out our competitive spirits with sweet rewards at the end.

The next day, we started with some morning workouts led by our CEO. After that, workshops on communication, problem-solving, and mental health gave us tools to help us grow professionally and personally. We also brainstormed on a company challenge, and, as always, we finished the hard work with an epic party that had us dancing the night away. 💃


We also introduced new company merch, with fun design and great quality, but also sustainable. Our peeps were raving about it! 🔥

We left the team building with not just new gear but also a whole bunch of good vibes, stronger friendships, and new motivation.  🥳💜

Revolgy recruitment in numbers

Revolgy’s recruitment team had a successful 2023, filling 19 open positions and bringing in 24 new talented colleagues. We’ve received an impressive number of applications, totaling 1545! We have several positions open at the moment, so make sure to check out our career page.


Moreover, 11 of our current employees received promotions this year, and 7 transitioned to new roles, showing our commitment to career development and employee satisfaction.

Looking ahead to 2024

As we head into 2024, we’re not slowing down. Instead, we’re ready to set the bar even higher! We’re incredibly proud of the team’s accomplishments in 2023 and can’t wait to see what amazing things we’ll achieve together in the years to come.

💜 💛