When technological collaboration helps the soul


Revolgy takes care of the cloud so Upheal can focus on therapy — cloud technologies are transforming even the most traditional and innovative fields.

Cloud services are part of small startups and large corporations. The old days when the cloud was uncharted territory were replaced by a DIY approach when businesses tried to take care of cloud solutions themselves. But that, too, has come to an end. Today, clients often leave the preparation, implementation, and operation of the cloud to specialist companies, such as the Czech firm Revolgy. Thanks to this approach, cloud technologies are becoming widespread, reaching even seemingly non-technological fields like therapy.

Headquartered in Prague, Revolgy operates a global business – after all, the cloud knows no borders. They’re spreading across various industries, including those where companies might not have extensive experience with cloud technologies or IT in general. “Thanks to us, you don’t have to worry about in-house expertise or maintaining a dedicated cloud team. Your IT department can focus on what matters most – supporting and growing your business,” explains Tereza Grill from Revolgy.

Revolgy calls their approach of handling all cloud concerns for other companies Managed Services. This service isn’t just for companies with limited IT expertise. Even large or tech-savvy companies, who could often manage their cloud operations in-house, choose to delegate this responsibility,  either partially or entirely, to companies like Revolgy.

Our clients come to us with varying needs,” adds the Revolgy representative. “Sometimes they’re new to the cloud and just need help monitoring it. Other times, we build the entire cloud stack for them and then take care of its operation.” Not long ago, such trust would have been much rarer. “The Central European trend in IT has always been ‘do it yourself,’” says Grill. “But that’s starting to change as companies grow outside the region and cannot maintain the standard of service to customers without external help.”

I thought personal contact would be essential in psychotherapy. Pencil, paper, leather couch. But even that can be transformed by the cloud.

While cloud technology has demonstrably benefited various industries, Revolgy’s Managed Services are finding particular success with clients focused on digital products. However, it’s important to remember that “digital” doesn’t equate to traditional IT. In fact, these digital products can even encompass surprisingly non-technological fields, such as therapy.

This is evident in Revolgy’s collaboration with the Czech-American company Upheal, which develops a cloud-based tool for psychotherapists. “I thought personal contact would be essential in psychotherapy – pencil, paper, and a beautiful leather couch,” says Tomáš Kryst, Product Manager at Revolgy. “But Upheal’s success is proof that even such a seemingly traditional profession can be transformed by the cloud.”

Upheal’s story perfectly exemplifies the path outlined earlier. Managing cloud infrastructure isn’t core to their business. For a startup like Upheal, handling it internally would require a much larger size – building a dedicated team would be expensive and complex. That’s why they sought out a cloud solution partner like Revolgy.

“We are not a large company in terms of the number of people and need our engineering team to focus on product development. The cloud is something that can be delegated nicely; it’s cheaper, faster, and with better results than if we did it ourselves,” says Martin Horváth, the company’s CTO, who founded the startup with Juraj Chrappa in 2021.

Upheal helps psychotherapists streamline the paperwork and note-taking burden of therapy sessions. Their tool automates documentation, generates comprehensive summaries of patient meetings, and even assists with treatment plan creation. This translates to significant time savings for therapists, while for the startup itself, it has brought around 100 million crowns in investments.

Facilitating tens of thousands of therapy sessions worldwide each month, Upheal’s platform practically relies on the cloud to function. This is where Revolgy’s cloud services come in. “Our collaboration focuses on two key areas: incident management and DevOps,” explains Horváth. “It is beyond our ability to respond to infrastructure issues 24/7 in-house. And as we scale and our workload grows, we bump into the limits of our own infrastructure. Revolgy’s expertise helps us solve these problems efficiently.”

The collaboration between Revolgy and Upheal goes beyond simply offloading daily IT tasks. Recently, it included a drill to practice restoring infrastructure in the event of an outage. This activity would be difficult for non-specialized companies to manage on their own.

“In working with Upheal, we have found an opportunity to demonstrate the power of Managed Services in a sector where technology might, at first glance, appear to play a secondary role,” adds Tomáš Kryst from Revolgy. “By taking responsibility for running the cloud, we have enabled them to focus on what they do best, which is streamlining processes and therapists’ work so they can focus on their clients,” he explains.

This aligns perfectly with Revolgy’s business model, without having to focus on billable hours or outsourcing costs. “The amount of time they spend on specific tasks isn’t our concern,” explains Upheal’s CTO. “This incentivizes Revolgy to work efficiently, while for us, it provides a clear cost structure. It’s a very positive way to collaborate,” concludes Martin Horváth.

“Every business requires specific solutions,” adds Tereza Grill from Revolgy. “Our collaboration with Upheal shows that the right technology support can transform and drive growth across various industries, from the most traditional to the most innovative.”

This article was originally written and published in Czech by the digital magazine CzechCrunch: Když technologická spolupráce pomáhá duši. Revolgy řeší cloud, aby se Upheal mohl soustředit na terapii.