Vertex AI Search: a new way to search your data


Finding relevant information in your organization’s data can be a challenge. It may be scattered across multiple docs, sheets, internal pages, web pages, and others, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for when needed.Thanks to Google Vertex AI, you can provide a Google Search-like experience to your users with the same level of relevance, accuracy, and speed that users expect from Google Search. Users can quickly and easily find the information they need while improving their overall experience.

How Vertex AI Search works

Vertex AI Search (formerly known as Enterprise Search on Gen App Builder) is a platform that helps organizations build and deploy custom search engines for their websites, applications, and internal data stores.

You can build search applications powered by the same machine-learning technology that powers Google Search, even when searching through your own custom data sets. This is possible because Vertex AI Search is built on top of Google’s foundation models, which are large language models trained on a massive dataset of text and code.

Vertex AI Search is a more advanced search technology than keyword-based search. It uses machine learning to understand the content of your data and deliver relevant results to your users, even for complex and ambiguous queries.

Vertex AI Search is now generally available. You can access it through the Google Cloud Console or contact your cloud provider for help.


Vertex AI Search updated for healthcare and life sciences

Google Vertex AI Search has been updated with new healthcare and life sciences capabilities. The new features will help healthcare providers find accurate clinical and administrative information more efficiently and ask questions about patient records by searching a broad scope of healthcare data sources.

For example, doctors can ask questions such as “What are the patient’s lab results?” or “What medications has the patient been prescribed in 2022?” without manually searching databases and records. This optimization helps healthcare professionals search data and records faster but also helps streamline their tasks, enhance decision-making, and bring down administrative costs.

Google is a leader in AI innovation, and its new Vertex AI Search for healthcare and life sciences is a significant step forward for the industry. Vertex AI Search uses AI to make finding and understanding information from a wide range of sources easier. This could revolutionize how information is accessed and used in the healthcare and life sciences industry, helping healthcare professionals make better decisions, provide better care, and accelerate research.

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