Bard can connect to your Google apps, verify its responses, and more


Recently, Google rolled out a major update to Bard, with several new features and capabilities that will further customize the AI’s responses to its users. Below are the details of Bard’s most significant update in the six months since its release to the public.

Bard can now connect to Google apps and services

Bard Extensions is a new feature that allows Google Bard to access and process information from your Google apps and services, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and Hotels. This means that you can use Bard to find and show you relevant information from all of your Google accounts, even when the information you need is spread across multiple apps and services.

For example, you can prompt Bard to show you all the emails containing a certain keyword or a person’s name, plan a weekend city trip with friends, pull in the dates that work for everyone from your Gmail, and even look up real-time hotel and flight information.


Turning Bard Extensions on/off

On your computer, go to or click the Puzzle icon at the top right of your account. Click the toggle button next to the extension you want to turn on or off. The toggle button will turn gray, indicating the extension is off.

You can turn on extensions anytime by following the same steps and clicking or tapping the toggle button to turn it blue.

All extensions will be turned off automatically if you turn off your Bard Activity. You can turn on your Bard Activity anytime to turn on extensions again.

Double-check the information Bard generates

You can easily use Bard’s “Google it” button to double-check its answers in English. When you click on the “G” icon, Bard will check its response and evaluate whether there is content across the web to support it. If the statement can be evaluated, you can click the phrases highlighted in green or orange to learn more about supporting or contradicting information found by Google Search.

Continue working on a shared conversation

With the update, continuing conversations that others have started with Bard will also be easier. When someone shares a Bard chat with you through a public link, you can pick up where they left off and ask Bard more questions about that topic or use it as a springboard for your own ideas.


With the latest update, Bard is more than just a tool for answering questions and generating creative text formats. It is a versatile assistant that can help users with various tasks, from planning a trip to writing a blog post.

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