Revolgy has received new GCP Expertise


Revolgy as a Google Cloud Partner is continuously working on delivering services that can help our customers drive their businesses and simplify the way they work with technology. Proven by the results of the work we've done for our customers, we have received seven new GCP Expertise. This exemplifies the capabilities of our team and we would like to share what exactly that could mean for you and your business.

GCP Expertise

thik yes icon Google Cloud Compute 

We received this Expertise based on the work done with our client Nova Futur where we cooperated on various tasks. Primarily, setting up Kubernetes clusters for them, then creating monitoring and logging.

All the areas involved where this expertise showed our competency are: App Engine, Compute Engine, Container Build, Google Kubernetes Engine, Container Registry, Kubernetes and Cloud Functions.

thik yes icon Google Cloud Identity & Security

The IT department of one of the biggest delivery companies decided to deploy Google Cloud next to their existing Azure environment. Final setup of Google Cloud allowed a secure connection between their on-premise datacenter and GCP in the Frankfurt region. Based on the successful acceptance of their InfoSec team, GCP deployment would become a trusted extension of the existing infrastructure. All aspects of the solution support immutable infrastructure.

All the areas involved where this expertise showed our competency are: Cloud Identity & Access Management, Cloud Data Loss Prevention API, Cloud Key Management Service, GKE Security and Cloud Security Command Center.

thik yes icon Google Cloud Networking

This Expertise was awarded based on the same project as the Expertise above. All the areas involved where this expertise showed our competency are:

  • Connect: Hybrid Connectivity (Cloud Interconnect, Cloud VPN, Carrier Peering and Direct Peering), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud DNS, Service Directory
  • Scale: Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud CDN
  • Secure: Cloud Armor, Cloud NAT, Network Telemetry and VPC Service Controls
  • Optimize: Network Intelligence Center and Network Service Tiers

thik yes icon Global Public Sector - Government Expertise

SPCSS, s.p. is a Czech state-owned company responsible for the provision of IT operation services. They needed to expand their on-premises systems with the GCP project using Cloud VPN. Their applications run in VM instances in strictly private VPC with Private Service Connect and Private Service Access. Supporting services include Storage and Monitoring and Logging.


Next Expertise are connected to cooperation with one of our customers from the very beginning of their GCP journeys. As time passed; they started to be immensely keen on data engineering, specifically, BigQuery. This is where Revolgy came in with its expertise and experience, we were able to walk the customer through setting it up and optimization.

The Expertise that we received from this cooperation are:

thik yes icon Cloud-Native Expertise

This Expertise shows mainly the experience in working with companies already using cloud technology and our opportunity to show them all the other advantages that cloud solutions could bring them.

thik yes icon Google Cloud Analytics

All the areas involved where this expertise showed our competency are:
BigQuery, Google Cloud Data Studio, Cloud Composer, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Datalab, Cloud Dataprep, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Data Fusion, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Spanner, Cloud IoT Core, Data Catalog, Cloud Life Sciences, Genomics, Google Marketing Platform, Looker and Cloud Dataprep

thik yes icon Data Warehouse Modernization Expertise

The areas involved where this expertise showed our competency are mainly in leveraging Google BigQuery to streamline the data warehouse modernization path with a comprehensive migration offer, easy-to-use tools, and an ecosystem that manages your complete migration so customers can get started with ease.

The Expertise we received in the past years and months:

thik yes icon Google Meet

We are able to explain and help set up this enterprise-grade video meeting solution built on Google’s secure global infrastructure. Google Meet leverages the power of Google to deliver security, quality and reliability at scale with our Revolgy Experts.

thik yes icon Gaming

Our work for the Gaming industry in past years shows that we are able to help these companies scale and mainly use their design studios like they never have before. Customers like Bohemia Interactive, Outfit 7, 3 Bohemians, and Mad Finger Games are some great examples.

thik yes icon Financial Services

We help customers leverage GCP to deliver competitive and compliant solutions in rapidly changing global markets with powerful, scalable technology, including secured multi-cloud and hybrid solutions for the Financial services industry.

thik yes icon Google Cloud Productivity

Our Workspace team is the best in the region, capable of setting all the tools within Google Workspace for customers' much higher productivity, connected with an easy adoption of new tools by every customer’s employee.