The 5 coolest announcements of re:Invent 2023


As the dust settles on the annual AWS re:Invent conference and the thousands of attendees head back home, let’s take a look back at some of the biggest announcements and insightful keynotes.

Held in Las Vegas from November 27 to December 1, AWS showcased a range of new products and services that promise to shape the future of cloud computing. re:Invent featured five keynotes delivered by AWS leaders, 17 innovation talks, and 2,900+ accompanying sessions (a huge jump from the 150 sessions in 2012). 

Generative AI takes center stage

Generative AI, the ability of machines to create new content, was a dominant theme throughout re:Invent 2023.

Amazon Q, a generative AI assistant specifically designed for businesses, stole the spotlight with its ability to assist users with a wide range of tasks, from generating content to brainstorming new ideas, all based on data and information in your enterprise systems.

S3 Express One Zone Storage

S3 Express One Zone is a high-performance storage class with lightning-fast access to frequently accessed data and latency-sensitive applications. It delivers up to 10 times better performance than the S3 Standard storage class.

Graviton4 & Trainium2 chips

AWS unveiled the next generation of two AWS-designed chip families with better price–performance and energy–efficiency ratios and more options for customers.

The Graviton4 processor is a significant upgrade, with up to 30% better computing performance, 50% more cores, and 75% more memory bandwidth than Graviton3.

“We were the first to develop and offer our own server processors. We’re now on our fourth generation in just five years,” said Adam Selipsky on stage during his keynote. “Other cloud providers have not even delivered on their first server processors yet.”

NVIDIA and AWS expand partnership

AWS and NVIDIA announced a strengthened partnership to deliver cutting-edge infrastructure, software, and services for generative AI innovations. This collaboration will focus on developing new tools and platforms that power the next generation of AI-powered applications.

One of the most exciting highlights of this collaboration is that AWS and NVIDIA are partnering on Project Ceiba, a supercomputer designed to accelerate AI development. Integrated with AWS services, the supercomputer will be used by NVIDIA to advance AI research in various domains, including language models, graphics, robotics, and climate prediction.

Amazon Transcribe enhancements

AWS has significantly enhanced its Amazon Transcribe speech-to-text service, now supporting over 100 languages. It now offers a wider variety of languages, including lesser-used ones, with improved accuracy of up to 50%. It also introduces new features like automatic punctuation, custom vocabulary, and automatic language identification.

This year’s event saw exciting announcements and mind-blowing innovations in the world of cloud computing. From Amazon Q to Project Ceiba, AWS really brought the heat. Of course, we couldn’t cover every single announcement (there were just too many!), but we hope you got a taste of AWS’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of cloud computing.

Find more re:Invent announcements on the AWS website.

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