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InVerse envisioned a global gaming platform that could handle tens of thousands of players worldwide. But turning this dream into reality required a partner with the right expertise. That’s where Revolgy stepped in, a trusted AWS partner known for building scalable and secure infrastructure solutions.

When vision meets expertise

InVerse wanted to create a new gaming platform that could scale to serve players globally and eventually support multiplayer mode.

The company wanted to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the platform and needed a partner with AWS and game development experience to help them design the infrastructure architecture.

“AWS has proven to be an incredibly robust and scalable infrastructure platform, allowing us to handle the growing demands of our platform seamlessly. It has helped us deliver an exceptional gaming experience to our users worldwide.”

— Diego Martinez, founder and CEO at InVerse

A new platform for third-party games


The concept behind InVerse’s new gaming platform was to build a virtual environment that would serve as a gateway to various third-party games. Within this “game lobby”, players could customize their profiles through commercial add-ons supported by content editors and graphical conversion models.

The platform needed to be scalable, highly available, redundant, and low-latency to accommodate a large global user base. It also required ease of deployment, maintenance, and scaling to meet fluctuating demands.

InVerse’s specific infrastructure requirements

InVerse had clear expectations for the infrastructure design’s technical, operational, and financial aspects.

From a technical standpoint, they sought a scalable, highly available, and redundant system with minimal latency and robust security measures. Operationally, they emphasized the need for system observability, disaster recovery capabilities, and application performance monitoring.

Designing the infrastructure architecture

Imagine InVerse as your personal gaming hub, a cozy hangout spot that opens the door to a world of games. You can personalize your experience by choosing an avatar that reflects your unique style.

Upon entering the hangout session (lobby), a gateway to third-party games, users can select their customized content, such as an avatar. The game servers and the user communicate through the InVerse infrastructure, which streams the game’s progress to the user. Users don’t need to worry about complex backend communication; InVerse handles everything.

Users stream the application from a remote server where all the computing and rendering happens, saving end-user resources and making the platform accessible to the general public without requiring high-end equipment.

“By leveraging AWS’s powerful services and our cloud and game development expertise, we were able to create a platform that is not only scalable and secure but also delivers a great gaming experience to players around the world.”

— Khaled Massad, Senior AWS Cloud Architect at Revolgy

Hangouts & Content Editor

Hangouts serves as the central hub of the InVerse gaming platform, providing a gateway to various third-party games. Once the user enters Hangouts, they can customize their avatars to reflect their unique personalities and enjoy their 3D avatars being generated from their 2D inputs.

Game servers and users interact through the InVerse infrastructure in two primary modes:

  • Premium service: Games are rendered and streamed to the user.
  • API-based games: Games are rendered on the user’s device, while the InVerse infrastructure provides game-specific APIs.

The InVerse team has developed the core infrastructure for Hangouts, while Revolgy focused on ensuring its security, high availability, and scalability.

Real-time game rendering

This infrastructure segment focuses on streaming the rendered game from an InVerse server to the gamer’s device. This approach significantly lowers the requirements on device resources (except for internet bandwidth), making the InVerse gaming platform accessible to a broader audience.

Key design decisions

  • GPU-enabled instances: The G5g instance is preferred due to its ARM cores, native to Android devices.
  • Unity Render Streaming: Unity Render Streaming is chosen for its native compatibility and reduced risk of issues.
  • AWS SQS queue: Rendering requests are decoupled from the backend service using an AWS SQS queue to handle potential delays in provisioning new render machines.

Multiplayer backend: powered by AWS GameLift

The Multiplayer backend is crucial in enabling seamless multiplayer gameplay on the InVerse platform. It utilizes AWS GameLift, a managed service that dynamically provisions infrastructure in regions close to players, ensuring low latency and optimal performance.

“Despite the technical challenges and requirements, we pulled off an amazing feat that was only possible because of our expertise, teamwork, and ability to work together to meet the customer’s needs and ground it in a solid technical foundation.”

— Lukáš Richtera, Solution Architect at Revolgy

Securing project funding

As an AWS partner, Revolgy secured funding from AWS to cover 80% of the project’s design and implementation cost. This funding allowed InVerse to move forward with their vision without the project’s financial burden.

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In summary, despite the technical complexities and demanding requirements, we successfully delivered a gaming platform solution that met InVerse’s needs and expectations. This project shows our deep expertise, commitment to teamwork, and ability to translate a client’s vision into a tangible reality built on a solid technical foundation.

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