Scio implements GWS with support from early adopters

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Migration to Google Workspace, Professional services


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Google Workspace


Thanks to migration services from Revolgy, Scio switched to Google Workspace’s dynamic environment and unified its communication channels across the entire organization, including all its products and functions, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and other collaboration tools.

Early adopters played a crucial role in transitioning to the new system

The project’s success was set up on the concept of early adopters, or, as we call them, Google Guides. These previously selected Scio employees supplied informal support for the project and guided colleagues toward a successful migration and adoption of Google Workspace (GWS).

Early adopters enjoy technology and innovation, are open to change, and want to help others to take up new ways of working. On top of that, during the project, they received a full-day training on Google Workspace and ongoing communication and educational support.

“With the support from early adopters, we were better prepared and able to help our colleagues. The transition period can be challenging for early adopters, and thanks to Revolgy and transparent communication, we managed to reduce stress for the rest of the team during implementation.”

Tomáš Habermann — Team Leader, Scio

Migrating to GWS can be a significant change — it involves adjusting processes, environments, ways of working, behavior, and more — early adopters were crucial in preparing the staff for the switch and increasing project and product awareness.

Employees were also provided with a training portal, how-to guides, special use cases tailored to their specific needs, and training sessions to become as comfortable as possible with Google Workspace’s environment.

Work and communication have become more efficient thanks to GWS and Revolgy

The main goal of migrating Scio to Google Workspace was to make work and communication more efficient and straightforward for the entire company. Scio is divided into an education and business part, and since the education part had already switched to a cloud solution, it was a matter of time before the business part followed suit.

“Nowadays, almost every company is forced to look for more effective ways of work with more modern and quicker access to data and better connectivity of people. Migrating to Google Workspace increases the amount of time saved on sharing data and documents.”

Tomáš Habermann — Team Leader, Scio

Before GWS, Scio’s architecture was based on a relatively static Microsoft Office and Access environment. It wasn’t cloud-based and as collaborative as Google Workspace; instead, it was based on older technologies.

Google Workspace is dynamic and flexible. It interacts with the calendar, chat, comments, and notes and integrates with Google Drive so the team can see, share, and collaborate in real-time, immediately, and from any device. All they need to do is sign in.

A gradual transition toward the new environment

As a standard procedure, Scio’s IT department transitioned to GWS first to test the environment and become familiar with it. The team was already acquainted with the environment thanks to the earlier switch of Scio’s education part, and at first, some team members even used both Scio education and business accounts.

Revolgy helped Scio with the project’s design and structure and guided the company regarding people and access information. Revolgy set up everything for the pre-migration, which took place in the background without interfering with daily operations. Both Google Workspace and Microsoft applications ran alongside during the pre-migration and subsequent migration stages so that everyone could adapt gradually to the new system.

“We wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. In previous projects, we partially relied on the support and help from early adopters, and this concept proved to be really successful. It was a natural choice to incorporate it in this project as well.”

Jakub Jan Kučera — Google Workspace Team Lead, Revolgy

Employees received training before and after the migration, ensuring everyone felt comfortable in the new environment of Google Workspace. Additionally, a Google Guide was available for anyone experiencing issues or having further questions. Revolgy also organized management training for the IT team, including security and adding and removing accounts.

Adopting Google Workspace has enabled Scio to migrate to a more efficient communication system. The concept of early adopters proved successful and helped to prepare the company for the transition to GWS. Thanks to Revolgy’s ongoing support and guidance, switching to Google Workspace was smooth, and the company is now well-equipped for seamless collaboration.

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